Friday, May 16, 2014

One of those days...

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wish you could stay there or just go back to bed  so you can start the day all over again?


  Today is one of those days for me... maybe it is the weather affecting me, who knows but I have lots on my mind and a very very heavy heart. My thoughts are ranging from my children and their choices to the condition of the church today.. I know a very broad spectrum. But are they truly? Are  not our children part of the church and by God's grace they are functioning members of the church body?



so truly the condition of the church is part of the fact of the choices each of us make, including our children/my children. I think of myself... my disobedience, sin, the curse I bestowed on my children because of my own condition and lack of Godly choices, being brought up with very little Godly foundation. Sure I went to church, they went to church but nothing they heard manifested in their lives nor did we live lives as believers, we were "good" people. It takes more than "going to church"for children to manifest it in their lives or being "good" people for them to make Godly choices. Most parents hearts who are truly surrendered to Christ is to keep their children from repeating their sins or to "do as I say not as I do!!" Truly that is not what children do. They do as we do even if you try to bestow wisdom through the Word of God on them. Even if you admit how wrong you were in so many levels and how truly they should not be walking even the slightest bit of the same path as you did. In turn their choices affect the body of Christ if not directly but indirectly and spiritually. What is your hope and prayer as you try to bestow wisdom to your children? Are you manifesting in your life the very thing you want them to do in Christ? Are you loving the body unconditionally as you should? are you double minded (saying one thing and doing another)?   I bestow these same questions to myself and hope that I am living according to the Word, saying and doing within my life as God would have me so I can lead and teach my children in they way they should go.   Seeking His Truth Angie

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