Tuesday, June 24, 2014



do you ever feel sick when you do something you know you are not suppose to?

does that little voice inside you say "don't do that?" but yet your flesh won't stop that even though you know what you are doing is completely and utterly wrong the "temporary" feel good supersedes.

Sin is real and defiling, dirty and makes you hang your head low knowing that not only have you defiled your mind, heart and soul, but you brought shame to the only one who was alway pure and never sinned though He was tempted just like you and me.

Sin is a never ending battle- and always before us if we do not carefully examine our hearts, stay alert keeping our eyes open to our selves. "The devil made me do it" is not an excuse we can use when we stand before the throne of Christ when our battle of sin is placed before.

Ladies - we are surround by sin, and temptations, constantly bombarded with sin is not sin, just "happiness". Things that one time were foul, and shameful are now normal as day or night. How has that happened?


Are we so far from the time of Christ?
SO far from the reality and memory of why Christ died?
He did not die for us to continue in sin.
He did not die for us to have the mindset "to each his own".
He did not die so that we can condone the sin in our hearts.
He did not die so we can say yes to sin in our lives....

As I stand before you stained in my own sin. Knowing that without you I could not lift my head. My heart is foul without you. Lord- grant me your peace... and Lord as your Word says deliver me from evil. Give me your strength and power to resist sin in my life. May your truth and light shine through me Jesus!
For thine is the kingdom and the power forever and ever AMEN

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Testing for High Schoolers

Testing is so important to the world- standardized tests, SAT, etc- one the AHEAD blog one of the bloggers share wisdom on these tests. and how we as homeschoolers can participate.

High School Testing

if you are homeschoolers and are interested- check this out.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Being a believer in Jesus Christ is the most amazing, joyous thing I have ever done. Being called by Him into the glorious light was a life changer but with that calling have come great challenges. I walk by faith not by sight. I seek to love when love becomes so laborious, and the hope that lies within me comes from the Holy Spirit that can not be explained to anyone around me.

Faith- (webster's 1828) defines faith- to trust, to draw towards, to believe, to obey-

My favorite is to draw towards. To have faith necessary that draws towards Christ I must be in His Word, Daily, Hourly, minute by minute and sometimes every second of every day.
The Word states Faith produces:
1. endurance (James 1:3)
2. boldness ( Ephesians 3:12)
3. righteousness ( Romans 1:17)
4. cleansing of hearts (Acts 15:9)

Dear Ones if you find that instead of faith having it's perfect work- that faith is Work- what are you missing? The Word, time with Him in prayer or fellowship with His body/ His people?

Next comes Love--- stayed tuned tomorrow

Lord as we continue to walk by faith and not by sight. We labor in that faith as a woman labors for her child. We labor to see you manifest in us and through us believing you in all that you say, and all you do. We pray dear Father that we bring you glory and that we see that if our faith is work-that the work of faith bring you glory and Honor and praise, forever and ever- amen

Monday, June 16, 2014



Dad with His children on Father's Day-2014


Yesterday was Father's Day - a day where we take to reflect on the gifts we have in our fathers.

Fathers have such an important role in the hearts of their children and their family. They are to protect them, guide them, encourage them and help them feel strong. When he fails in these areas then He has failed his family.

Growing up I desired to see what a "normal" family looked like.( I use the term normal loosely) My family was damaged, and damaging. My sperm donor father was the main source of pain, and disappointment. He was a path way of destruction. Treating everyone in his path as a possession to be misused and tossed as he pleased. Can you imagine- a damaged hurting child look around at her friends fathers and wondering, is there father like mine?
does he do to them what mine does?
Is it true-- do fathers show their love for their children in this manner??

I spent my younger life trying to feel loved, and secure which as you know lead me to destructive relationships. UNTIL God called me- when HE calls all things are cast away and all things made new-- and yes that is exactly what happened to me.

No I was never given a father- but I was given a husband. One who has modeled a loving, gracious, merciful- not in perfection father. He took on and loved two boys that were not biologically his. He never treated them differently than any of his children. He has loved all of his children with great sacrifice and pain. He has modeled (not in perfection) Christ likeness and remains completely humble realizing he still needs to change.

Though I have not experienced for myself the Love of a father but I have seen it manifest through my husband and though at times I wonder what that love is like. I am grateful that all my children have the father they have. I wonder often if they understand the blessing and I hope they do not take advantage of it. "Be cause we know not what a day may bring forth. Life is just a vapor that appearth for alittle time and vanishth away"

In the sermon yesterday at church- Carl shared what a Man of God is suppose to look like. Exam yourself and see if you measure up to the expectation The Lord has for you in who you are to be as a man, and as a father.

Thank you Heavenly Father for blessing me with my husband. For showing me an earthly father who loves his children. For giving my children the father they have. May they not take that love for granted. In Jesus Name Amen..

Friday, June 13, 2014

True Forgiveness..


People often wonder what true forgiveness looks like or how to make it manifest in marriage. Forgiveness in a marriage is an essential part of marriage without it a marriage is consumed by bitterness, and anger.
The closest person to you- the person who sees you through clear eyes is the person you sleep next to every day. They know your faults but the blessing is they choose to love you regardless. Yes love is a choice, not a feeling, just as forgiving is a choice. They choose each day to love you, and to forgive your wrongs.

Is it easy? NO not at all. Each day you may have to wake up and remember that forgiveness to forget the disappointment and pain. Eventually that forgiveness comes so naturally.

True forgiveness can only manifest and be given with true repentance that manifest within each of us. Of course it becomes very difficult to forgive someone who only asks for forgiveness because they were caught not because they have any desire to change. Too many times we only say "I am sorry"- not because we will never do it again, but because we were caught in our sin.

what do we do when someone continues to sin against us? How do we manifest the forgiveness necessary that is spoken of in the Word of God?

Jesus Says in Matthew 18:21-22
The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Then Peter came up and said to him, “ Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you seven times, but seventy- seven times.

Matthew 18:35
So also my heavenly Father will do to every one of you, if you do not forgive your brother from your heart.”

We expect great forgiveness from our Heavenly then we must forgive greatly. This kind of forgiveness can only occur through submission of the Holy Spirit and his presence.

Dear Ones
Marriage is difficult. We are in a world that does not honor the covenant, that does not show reverence to the commitment of man and woman. They do not understand truly what marriage is for or about. To have a heart of unforgiveness just makes things more difficult and sets your feet on the path of failure.

When I am tempted by unforgiveness towards my beloved, I remember three things
1. I Seek and desire always for him to forgive me
2. I am not perfect!
3. lastly I desire greatly for The Lord to forgive me, then I dare not have a heart of unforgiveness.

Lord thank you for the forgiving cleansing through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Help us each to remember the importance of forgiveness and manifest that forgiveness in our lives. Help us Lord to release bitterness, unspoken expectations and disappointments in our lives. Help us to remember our imperfections. Help us to glorify your name in our walk with You and in our Marriage.
In Jesus Name- Amen

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Accountability.... not necessary thank you...

I don't agree with this article
PA HB101 and accountability
-- Parents are only accountable to Christ for the way we educate our children. Anything a homeschoolers does regardless of whether anyone thinks it's sufficient enough or not is better than the public school system.
The children being indoctrinated with philosophies that are contrary to the Word and being told that anyone who thinks for themselves and thinks against the "norm" is prejudice or narrow minded or just out right wrong.
I don't believe that homeschoolers should even have the law telling us what we need to do. Soon and very soon the law will mandate what we can and can not do as parents ( spanking your child is a prime example of this) and it will then integrate into the church as it has slowly. We have seen churches bending to the trend to be politically correct in accepting same sex marriages, allowing other ungodly things within the church. These issues are not one that should be "accepted" or even condoned within the church. The Word is clear on these matters.

My question to everyone is :what makes you think that if you "allow" the government to make you "accountable" that they won't force you to do things that is contrary to the Word?

This same government does not hold itself accountable, their school system is failing. what makes you think they are equipped enough to make you accountable?

MOST people who home school take it seriously and know what is best for their child. The "stories" the media seek of the home schoolers who fail are not doing well,to what standard?

Are you like me? or am I like you? So tell me why do we go by a standards that was created by the heart of man?
Do you fit in the standard of what you are suppose weigh according to you height? MOST LIKELY not. The only standard we should mold to and care about is the one set by the Word of God.

People need to stop seeking others to hold their hands in a calling God has called them to - and ask the OUR LORD and Savior to guide them. The world is not for us to judge- it is GOD's! When you stand before our Lord some day and He says you failed in this area- who you will you blame? the government you were accountable too?

Lord help us to see that we are most accountable to you for how we educate our children in life and education. Help us Lord to use your Word as our guideline. Help us to set the bar according to your Word and NOT according the standard of man. Forgive us Lord for leaning on our own understanding. Thank you for the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives. Allow the truth to reign within each of us.
In Jesus Name Amen

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Testament Faith....


Dear Ones-
Faith today is based on whatever goes. You see faith of Christianity mixed with all kinds of other things. There are those who believe that Jesus was a man, he did great things, but He did not come to do as "christians" state. They realize that there is something great out there because they look around at creation and feel and see that there is something that goes beyond them but try to explain away that "feeling" and "yearning" to know the one true God.
Psalm 63- David yearned for God. He eagerly sought after God. He thirst for Him-- that is the heart of man. We seek after, fill our hearts, our time, seeking... what is it that we are looking for???

Faithful saints for us to have a New testament faith practice it has to be embedded, indwelled, consumed and completely in the Holy Word of God. We can NOT in any way try to have a faith walk based on our own understanding. Too many things invade us to believe everything else but the Word. We become mixed up, messed up and confused over what the truth of the Word of God truly says.

Do you struggle in your faith?
DO you feel empty? wondering what you believe and why?

Dear ones that is the ploy of the enemy- he desires to turn your heart away from Christ, His Word and His people just so that you will doubt, and struggle, wonder and truly one day walk away. Many great men and women of God walk away because they allow doubt, and unbelief to consume their faith.

Hebrews 11:1 - Faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is NOT seen.

Dear Ones Make your faith Scripture driven and GOD centered!! We can not allow it to be consumed!!

Dear Father
Help us to believe your Word, to live it with in our lives. To not just hear it, read it and continue on in a faith walk that does not manifest you in anyway. Lord Help us to believe even when we do not see. Lord you are so merciful to give us another day, more time to seek you- Thank you for your mercy on us. I praise you- for you are glorious and wonderful. TO all be the GLORY TO YOU OH LORD MY GOD!
In Jesus Name amen

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Dear Ones-

As you know home-schooling is a very important part of my life. Actually home-schooling is our way of life. We decided a long time ago  (over 10 years ago)  for us to press in to Christ and" raise our children in the way they should go" that we were going to have to eliminate and minimize the worldly influence and infuse them with the Word of GOD. Our goal is/was to bring forth strong men and women for Christ who , One knew the Word of God, two who lived out the Word of God and three understood that the influence of the World would destroy them and their souls. CHAP(Christian Home school Association of PA) is an organization that has resources to aide, encourage and also help Christian Home-schoolers remain in home-schooling. The journey gets difficult sometimes and that is when CHAP's loving hand comes in handy. It is a blessing to know that we are not alone brothers and sisters. There are many fellow home-schoolers out there, walking the walk and living it out in their lives with the same convictions and determination to bring forth Men and Women of a Godly More standard, and principle who manifest HIS Word in their lives.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="200"] CHAP[/caption]

Brothers and Sisters we walk through this journey of life trying to make a difference, trying to bring Glory to our Lord.  Remember the enemy would have you believe a few things:

1. you can't do it

2. You are alone

3. this doesn't  matter-


all these are lies!

You can do it- you can home-school, you can bring forth Godly seeds for HIS Kingdom and raise them to Glorify Christ.

You are not ALONE -  not only do you have the God of the universe with you always but you also have a body of Christ that loves you.

This does matter- as small as you may think this is-- this is big to the Lord- your willingness to submit and follow hard after Him by schooling your children and embedding that Word in their lives and heart the angels are singing Glory Glory Glory!! For His Kingdom is being glorified saints!!


Stand Fast, Stand Strong!

Your Servant



Friday, June 6, 2014

Servant Leader




Dear Ones-

As I continue in my position as Women's Ministry Leader- One thing that has emulated, echoed and is continually before me is that fact that a good leader is a servant. People think leadership is a prestigious, grand, and truly a place ABOVE everyone. Leadership is a place below if one really truly understands the position, and understands what it is God has called them to do.

God calls leaders to be on their faces, down in the dirty trenches, digging deeper, examining harder and facing things about themselves and their families that most don't even care about.

God calls leaders to be willing to wash the feet of every person they minister to and serve.

God calls leaders to sacrifice self and self preferences for Jesus and those they serve.

God calls leaders to take the weight of those they minister to, take up  everyone's cross, and carry it.

God calls leaders to be in self control.

God calls leaders to be hospitable- opening your home to the lost and the body of Christ is part of the calling of a leader. How will they know you if you do not let them in your life or your home?

God calls leaders to be servants...


Are the leaders in your life these things? Are your leaders missing something? If so maybe they truly do not understand the great calling the Lord has placed on them?!


Lord as we continue to walk in your will as leaders, help us to also be the servants you would have us be. Bless our ministries Lord, guide us with the presence of your Holy Spirit. Bless us and keep us from the attack of the enemy.

I praise you for calling me Lord- as unworthy and incapable as I feel at times. I know you have us here in this place serving at this time- to bring you GLORY and Honor....


In Jesus Name- AMEN

Your Servant


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Children leaving home...

Dear Ones- As a homeschooler and momma of 7- I have had the privileged of seeing 5 of my 7 graduate. I did not school mine from the very beginning. I ran from homeschooling for alot of years- I ran from God's direction and will for me and my families life. I tried so hard to convince myself that I was not to do this and it was not for me. I heeded His call in my life and gave 10 years of schooling to some my children, in preparing them for adulthood and living their lives as Christ would ask of them, NO ONE and nothing prepares you for them leaving your home. Leaving is leaving whether they leave in SIN or with the blessing of our Lord Jesus and no  matter how  it is done it still is difficult to let go...

Marilyn Rockett on the AHEAD blog shares how hard it is to LET Go... Oh how I can relate.

Read it be blessed by it.     Angie

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



Dear Ones-
Truth is so hard to hear so hard to face. Truth is the realization of the way we think or feel is wrong, or false. Truth-- knowing the reason why the World- struggles in loving Christ - who He is and what He means- is because truly the message to them is foolish.

Why is it foolish? Well because it goes against them. It goes against what they have believed to be true. It goes against what they think, how they want to live, and what they deemed is "happiness".

They find it foolish because to them we "can't" really live. Going out every night- finding a different guy or girl, not remembering their names, where you were or what you did is "living". Or Hiding, stealing, murder, jealousy, anger, manipulation, and sexual sin is "living"?

Peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, patience, gentleness, faith and self control-- this is living. Manifesting each of these things in my life, which only happen through the power of God and His Word.

Are you wondering?
Stop being lost in this World and come to the saving Grace that can lead you to eternal life and peace. ONLY HE (JESUS CHRIST) can fill you with the peace and joy needed to live a life FULLY joyful.

Dear Lord
We know we are a foolish people- in need of you. Help us Father to seek you. To surrender and living out the calling you have called us to. Lord Help us to glorify your name.

In Jesus name- AMEN

Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend happenings

Hello dear Saints
After spending the week serving - I spent the weekend caring for my sweet sick baby-- she was not happy at all. Very whiny and miserable- she is not 100% but she is not as whiny.

I spent time with my brother as well and his girlfriend- the house was full and very lively.







I am always grateful that our Lord has always made our home enjoyable,peaceful and a haven for those who need a time away from their crazy lives.

Lord as our week begins I ask you give us first us health. Heal my babygirl, strengthen her body, gives us a renewing of our minds that we may serve you according to your Will and your glory and Not according to our flesh. A strength beyond our understanding and a peace that only comes from your presence of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Father for all you, will do and have done! In Jesus Name

Your humble and gracious servant


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