Thursday, June 12, 2014

Accountability.... not necessary thank you...

I don't agree with this article
PA HB101 and accountability
-- Parents are only accountable to Christ for the way we educate our children. Anything a homeschoolers does regardless of whether anyone thinks it's sufficient enough or not is better than the public school system.
The children being indoctrinated with philosophies that are contrary to the Word and being told that anyone who thinks for themselves and thinks against the "norm" is prejudice or narrow minded or just out right wrong.
I don't believe that homeschoolers should even have the law telling us what we need to do. Soon and very soon the law will mandate what we can and can not do as parents ( spanking your child is a prime example of this) and it will then integrate into the church as it has slowly. We have seen churches bending to the trend to be politically correct in accepting same sex marriages, allowing other ungodly things within the church. These issues are not one that should be "accepted" or even condoned within the church. The Word is clear on these matters.

My question to everyone is :what makes you think that if you "allow" the government to make you "accountable" that they won't force you to do things that is contrary to the Word?

This same government does not hold itself accountable, their school system is failing. what makes you think they are equipped enough to make you accountable?

MOST people who home school take it seriously and know what is best for their child. The "stories" the media seek of the home schoolers who fail are not doing well,to what standard?

Are you like me? or am I like you? So tell me why do we go by a standards that was created by the heart of man?
Do you fit in the standard of what you are suppose weigh according to you height? MOST LIKELY not. The only standard we should mold to and care about is the one set by the Word of God.

People need to stop seeking others to hold their hands in a calling God has called them to - and ask the OUR LORD and Savior to guide them. The world is not for us to judge- it is GOD's! When you stand before our Lord some day and He says you failed in this area- who you will you blame? the government you were accountable too?

Lord help us to see that we are most accountable to you for how we educate our children in life and education. Help us Lord to use your Word as our guideline. Help us to set the bar according to your Word and NOT according the standard of man. Forgive us Lord for leaning on our own understanding. Thank you for the presence of your Holy Spirit in our lives. Allow the truth to reign within each of us.
In Jesus Name Amen


  1. Very, very, very hearty AMEN!

  2. Ugh articles like this one just set me off :)


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