Thursday, June 5, 2014

Children leaving home...

Dear Ones- As a homeschooler and momma of 7- I have had the privileged of seeing 5 of my 7 graduate. I did not school mine from the very beginning. I ran from homeschooling for alot of years- I ran from God's direction and will for me and my families life. I tried so hard to convince myself that I was not to do this and it was not for me. I heeded His call in my life and gave 10 years of schooling to some my children, in preparing them for adulthood and living their lives as Christ would ask of them, NO ONE and nothing prepares you for them leaving your home. Leaving is leaving whether they leave in SIN or with the blessing of our Lord Jesus and no  matter how  it is done it still is difficult to let go...

Marilyn Rockett on the AHEAD blog shares how hard it is to LET Go... Oh how I can relate.

Read it be blessed by it.     Angie

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