Tuesday, June 17, 2014



Being a believer in Jesus Christ is the most amazing, joyous thing I have ever done. Being called by Him into the glorious light was a life changer but with that calling have come great challenges. I walk by faith not by sight. I seek to love when love becomes so laborious, and the hope that lies within me comes from the Holy Spirit that can not be explained to anyone around me.

Faith- (webster's 1828) defines faith- to trust, to draw towards, to believe, to obey-

My favorite is to draw towards. To have faith necessary that draws towards Christ I must be in His Word, Daily, Hourly, minute by minute and sometimes every second of every day.
The Word states Faith produces:
1. endurance (James 1:3)
2. boldness ( Ephesians 3:12)
3. righteousness ( Romans 1:17)
4. cleansing of hearts (Acts 15:9)

Dear Ones if you find that instead of faith having it's perfect work- that faith is Work- what are you missing? The Word, time with Him in prayer or fellowship with His body/ His people?

Next comes Love--- stayed tuned tomorrow

Lord as we continue to walk by faith and not by sight. We labor in that faith as a woman labors for her child. We labor to see you manifest in us and through us believing you in all that you say, and all you do. We pray dear Father that we bring you glory and that we see that if our faith is work-that the work of faith bring you glory and Honor and praise, forever and ever- amen

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