Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Testament Faith....


Dear Ones-
Faith today is based on whatever goes. You see faith of Christianity mixed with all kinds of other things. There are those who believe that Jesus was a man, he did great things, but He did not come to do as "christians" state. They realize that there is something great out there because they look around at creation and feel and see that there is something that goes beyond them but try to explain away that "feeling" and "yearning" to know the one true God.
Psalm 63- David yearned for God. He eagerly sought after God. He thirst for Him-- that is the heart of man. We seek after, fill our hearts, our time, seeking... what is it that we are looking for???

Faithful saints for us to have a New testament faith practice it has to be embedded, indwelled, consumed and completely in the Holy Word of God. We can NOT in any way try to have a faith walk based on our own understanding. Too many things invade us to believe everything else but the Word. We become mixed up, messed up and confused over what the truth of the Word of God truly says.

Do you struggle in your faith?
DO you feel empty? wondering what you believe and why?

Dear ones that is the ploy of the enemy- he desires to turn your heart away from Christ, His Word and His people just so that you will doubt, and struggle, wonder and truly one day walk away. Many great men and women of God walk away because they allow doubt, and unbelief to consume their faith.

Hebrews 11:1 - Faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is NOT seen.

Dear Ones Make your faith Scripture driven and GOD centered!! We can not allow it to be consumed!!

Dear Father
Help us to believe your Word, to live it with in our lives. To not just hear it, read it and continue on in a faith walk that does not manifest you in anyway. Lord Help us to believe even when we do not see. Lord you are so merciful to give us another day, more time to seek you- Thank you for your mercy on us. I praise you- for you are glorious and wonderful. TO all be the GLORY TO YOU OH LORD MY GOD!
In Jesus Name amen

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