Tuesday, June 24, 2014



do you ever feel sick when you do something you know you are not suppose to?

does that little voice inside you say "don't do that?" but yet your flesh won't stop that even though you know what you are doing is completely and utterly wrong the "temporary" feel good supersedes.

Sin is real and defiling, dirty and makes you hang your head low knowing that not only have you defiled your mind, heart and soul, but you brought shame to the only one who was alway pure and never sinned though He was tempted just like you and me.

Sin is a never ending battle- and always before us if we do not carefully examine our hearts, stay alert keeping our eyes open to our selves. "The devil made me do it" is not an excuse we can use when we stand before the throne of Christ when our battle of sin is placed before.

Ladies - we are surround by sin, and temptations, constantly bombarded with sin is not sin, just "happiness". Things that one time were foul, and shameful are now normal as day or night. How has that happened?


Are we so far from the time of Christ?
SO far from the reality and memory of why Christ died?
He did not die for us to continue in sin.
He did not die for us to have the mindset "to each his own".
He did not die so that we can condone the sin in our hearts.
He did not die so we can say yes to sin in our lives....

As I stand before you stained in my own sin. Knowing that without you I could not lift my head. My heart is foul without you. Lord- grant me your peace... and Lord as your Word says deliver me from evil. Give me your strength and power to resist sin in my life. May your truth and light shine through me Jesus!
For thine is the kingdom and the power forever and ever AMEN

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