Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend happenings

Hello dear Saints
After spending the week serving - I spent the weekend caring for my sweet sick baby-- she was not happy at all. Very whiny and miserable- she is not 100% but she is not as whiny.

I spent time with my brother as well and his girlfriend- the house was full and very lively.







I am always grateful that our Lord has always made our home enjoyable,peaceful and a haven for those who need a time away from their crazy lives.

Lord as our week begins I ask you give us first us health. Heal my babygirl, strengthen her body, gives us a renewing of our minds that we may serve you according to your Will and your glory and Not according to our flesh. A strength beyond our understanding and a peace that only comes from your presence of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Father for all you, will do and have done! In Jesus Name

Your humble and gracious servant

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