Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just no end ....

Is there no end to the evil of man's heart?


Have you heard that Pediphilers wants rights like homosexuals? Claiming that their sexual orientation is being discriminated.

Article: Pediphiles want same rights as Homosexuals


My heart is outraged, appalled and angry all at the same time. This is such a heinous crime. This is not two consenting adults. This is a minor, innocent, pure, and TRUSTING child who is being taken advantage of,defiled, and ruined by a sick, demented, and evil man.

There is no limited to the evil of man's heart without Christ Jesus. Sexual crimes are being looked at as sexual preferences and orientations. Society is minimizing and trying to diminish with words the damage that this crime brings to a children and to people in general.

This crime devalues a child. It makes sex a tool and not the gift God has intended. It removes inhibitions that should naturally be there. Trust an issue; there is no filter, they trust to easily,before you know it they have been used by many men.

Where is this world coming to? When is it all going to end?

Babies being killed every day for convenience , women raped and abused, children being used as sex tools.

It is every where, tv shows, magazines, and movies; the demoralizing, and the pornography.We are being bombarded. We are hit on every side so that when things like this article comes out it is just part of the natural order of life.

Oh Heavenly Father my heart is heavy.

Please rescue your people. Save us from ourselves and the evil that reigns within us. Lord,we are hurting the innocent. Lord protect them. Bring conviction and change, Lord,oh heavenly,gracious,merciful and Holy God- you have not reigned fire upon our heads because of your people. Protect us from all unrighteousness! Protect my babies,Lord,and help me to do what you have called me to, protect them! Protect them from the evil I can not see, and when I am not around send your mighty angels to protect them. Lord, oh my Father, thank you that you still sit on the throne and though chaos reigns around us you still have your mighty Hand in it. Lord,give me your peace and help me. I love you -

Your Servant

Friday, July 25, 2014

Homeschooling Young Adults- Lord Help me....

In the article on the AHEAD blog - Why Older Kids Fight Your Teaching and How to Fix It?
I had struggles, my kids fighting my teaching. One never wanted to do his work. Another would do some of it and not the rest.



I am unsure what state she lives in, but in our state a child not meeting the "requirements" and being free to learn what they want is NOT an option.
Teenagers are tough- I have graduated 5 children in homeschooling. I have 7 children and have been schooling for more than 10 years and I  have 18 or more to go with my two little ones. By the time I am done I will have schooled for almost 30 years.
As tired as we get of schooling, requirements, and work, young adults(teenagers) get the same way. Truth be told,life is work. Things we do to survive, to eat, have a roof over our heads is not an option. We have to do it. It is required or expected if you want to be have a home, and food. Learning is the same way- we are not given an option whether to school or not school. We are mandated by law to school our children and in some states they even go as far as to tell you what subjects are required. I have often told my older children there are some things in life you never get away from doing. Education is not an option it is a requirement, taxes though was not meant to be Law- it is- try not paying and see what happens, to survive you must work if you want to eat or have a home. It would nice if we could take things in life and make it be exactly what we would like it to be. I agree that you can encourage your children and give them opportunities to do the things they love but too many times we  to steer towards things  all things they are interested in or love and forget that not everything we do we love, and not everything we do are we interested in.

I am raising productive adults for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus and ones who will function in society that can think out of the box of the norm, but  adults who also realize that though they do not like some things in their job they are required to do them if they would like to keep the job. Not ones who create an environment that is all about all the things they love to do, it is unrealistic. There are ones are blessed who get to do exactly what they want to do in life, and love doing it. Praise Jesus for the that gift but I do not believe that is the norm.

Schooling children is difficult and truly I don't think there is a great formula on how to do it the right way, especially when they hit the young adult years. They are trying to find who they are, their hormones are in a rage, and schooling because more difficult. This is not the time to make it easier but to help them see through the tough times, they first press in to CHRIST JESUS, and endure to the end. The reward is sweeter!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Math- the dreaded homeschooling subject part 2

In part 1 of " Math- the dread homeschooling subject" I shared with you a post from the AHEAD blog where Penny shares the issues  homeschoolers have with Math.  In this next post Penny shares some solutions and some curriculum that she knows about.

You will be amazed at the resources we now have for Math. It does not have to be scary for you or dreaded for your student. In schooling my children I have used even youtube to get through math problems in Geometry and Algebra 2. There are many things out there and people who are willing to share their gifts in math to aide you.


Head over to the AHEAD Blog and check what Penny had to say....



Monday, July 14, 2014

Get Involved....

Homeschooling is being threatened. School systems are feeling the damage of when parents realize their responsibilities . The pressure is on the school system when  parents decide to care for and educate their children. The threat is imminent towards homeschooling families, and we must face that threat head on through being involved, being aware of what bills are being passed, and how they will affect our homes.

How can you - a "nobody" make a difference?
Did you know that CHAP ( Christian Homeschooling Association of Pennsylvania) stays aware of the changing laws of Pennsylvania? Getting involved with CHAP and volunteering is a way that you can make a difference in the homeschooling community.

Secondly, becoming aware through HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association) alerts for our state. HSLDA is an advocate and a voice for homeshooling rights and freedoms. Becoming a member for $11.00 a month or a yearly fee of $120.00 aides in the fight for our rights as homeschoolers.

Did you know that homeschoolers are one of the most discriminated groups in the USA today? Businesses and other people do not see us as "truly" educating our children because we are not doing it the way "the system" mandates.

Statistics show that homeschoolers score higher in every subject on any tests. Document on Statistics  for Homeschooling

Many students leave public school without the capability of reading or writing. It has been shown and proven over and over that the educational system of America is on a downward spiral. It is not educating; it is programming children. The teachers teach the children what they want them to know, not what they need to know, or what they should know. Many people who agree that the system is breaking down, a number turn to private schools. They think it is a better alternative, but the government mandates them as well. Who do you think tells them the criteria of what they are to teach and when?

My point about all this is to share with you the importance of our involvement and support towards those who are fighting for our rights. Be aware of what is happening! Open your eyes because the changes may not affect you in the here and now, but it will affect our children and their future ability to home school our grandchildren. Support your local homeschool legislative groups. In Pennsylvania, it is

CHAP Legislative

Let's get involved.

Your Servant,

Math the dreaded homeschool subject

Math is a subject that many parents get intimidated by when they consider homeshooling their children. Too many times we convince ourselves of what we can not do so we can exempt ourselves for doing what God has called us to do. (teach our children)

On AHEAD blog partner blogger Pam addresses the problem with math in a two part series. Part 1 she discuss what the problem is.....

What is the problem with MATH?

Homeschooling Moms we all need a boost and a reminder and sometimes even direction... Go read!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Things repeat no matter how hard you try

Have you ever tried so hard to not allow patterns or even curses ,as the bible calls them,to continue to repeat.
Have you made vows?
Have you shared with your children so that they will not walk in the same path you did?
Truly I guess unless the person vows within themselves to not repeat those patterns you will see them manifest.

No matter what wisdom you bestow or guidance you try to give them, if they do not take those words and embed them in their hearts as truth. If they do not walk a walk contrary, then the Words are in vain.

Are we exempt from sharing No!

Does it hurt to watch, YES.

There is nothing like feeling like a failure. There is nothing like knowing all those tears end in the same manifestation. The same "mistakes", the same divisions, the same results in your own family.

Those patterns that damage, that hurt and continue to hurt, only Christ Jesus can completely heal and change.

Lean on the Cross of Christ- only He can heal and bring you peace inspite of the situation.

Thank you Father that your Word rings truth always.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I love the beach and everything that go with it. The sun, sand and water... I love to just sit there and watch the children play and build sand castles.

We decided to get away as a family and it was a much needed vacation though it was not long enough.






Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Leave the homeschooling to homeschoolers

One of the things about moving to PA that has been a struggle for me is the homeschooling laws. Not necessarily the actual process of schooling because I have not changed that but the laws here are very very scary and burdensome.

Moving from states where schooling my children was my choice, and I was responsible for everything. I did not have to submit anything ,which by the way, It did not keep me from keeping a record and filing everything in case a social worker showed up at my door someday with questions. I made sure everything was always in order.

The nightmare of PA law not only places unnecessary requirements on you but the administrations is in no way helpful in the process. As a matter of fact if you call and tell them you are a homeschooler in their school district and you would like to know where to bring your portfolios the people answering the phones have no idea what you are talking about or who you are to talk to.

This year was my second year in submitting a portfolio. I decided to physically take it in because the first year I submitted it via US mail, with a signature card along with my affidavit for the new school year and I never received the portfolios back. In regards to that, I then was advised by my evaluator to make copies of everything ,not to give them originals in case they did not return the portfolios again.

I spent the whole day, Monday June 30th, in a panic and a mad rush to try and get everything copied and in order to be able to meet the deadline by closing hours of the school district. When I knew I wasn't going to make it I was in total panic and was absolutely terrified not knowing what would happen because I missed their "deadline". I did not know what to do... Do I take them in late and explain or do I not take them at all?

July 1st, I woke, finalized and reviewed the portfolios and decided to take them in. When I finally was able to get to the school district to deliver the portfolios no one knew where I was to go and to whom they were to go to. They were so nonchalant about the process to which I was grateful but at the same time in the back of my mind I wondered what all that panic, mad rush, and total chaos was about the day before if it wasn't that big of deal. It seemed like they really didn't care and no one could explain or knew about the old portfolios.What I find very interesting is that in every way the administration is able to bend, manipulate or even change the law to benefit them,making it difficult and even overwhelming and burdensome to homeschoolers with evaluators, portfolios and deadlines yet NO ONE could tell me where I was to go, who was in charge or even where my old portfolios went. They say these laws are for our good, to keep us accountable, but I wonder who is keeping the failing school district ,who is unable to make their system work, accountable?

Homeschooling works and the statics show it. Too many times the government wants to fix something that is not broken. Most homeschoolers take what they do seriously, we understand what is at stake, the hearts and minds of our children. No one knows or loves my child more than I do, and no one will do more for my child than I will, so thank you PA but no thank you. Focus on what you need to focus on and that is reforming education by bringing Christ back into schools and leave the homeschooling to the home schoolers!

building on what your kids already know...

Homeschooling is a way of life, a journey like our one with Christ. Not only are we  building a foundation in the Word bombarding them with truth but we are also helping them to love learning. Not ramming a bunch of information in them so they will pass state tests but giving them a foundation to  build their lives on.


On the AHEAD blog Susan shares a method on taking basic information and slowly implementing more interest in your child toward that information. Practical real life situations, and learning... what more can you ask for... go check it out.





Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Walking with Christ

walk with God


The walk of a lifetime is walking with Christ. It is a daily process . Lately, that walk has been a challenge, with each step forward I feel I take two giant steps back. I have come to realize so many people have this mindset or even this expectation for those who "walk with God". They think or believe that if you walk with God you are

1. judgemental-

In NO way,do we judge people but we are called to call sin ,sin. We are not called to ignore it or pretend it does not exist or not there.


If a man is married and he is seeing other women ,behind his wife's back what is that called?

Adultery ,right?

NO one can say that action is right or pretend it is right,but so many try to down size it by making excuses.

"His wife is a pain, she is not very nice or she is controlling. "

Yet the truth comes down to this, it is Adultery in the eyes of God and man.

What law do you live by? if you don't live by the guidelines and the law of God then you live by the guidelines and the laws of man. Man's heart is corrupt the word says.(Psalm 14:1)

2. We are perfect

Perfection is doing everything right and saying everything right. Perfection is not part and will not be part of "walking with God" on this side of Glory,in this body, and within this flesh. Folks believe that people who "walk with Christ" are perfect. When they manifest a bit of "being human" then they are shocked or even angry.

You hear things like, " they are suppose to be Christians"

Yes,the manifestation of our lives is suppose be giving glory to our Lord in every situation, and every day. BUT LETS BE REAL... we do not respond correctly all the time in everything. WE do not even think correctly. When our flesh takes control and we have to put it under control and begin that walk with Christ again. Walking with Christ is a continual daily journey.. He did not call us to perfection,the moment He called us to Him. He called us to suffer each day by carrying our cross and following hard after Him. (Matthew 16:24)


3. If you are leader then you do no wrong....


Being called to leadership whether it be women's ministry, pastor/elder's wife or even deacon's wives- people have these unfair unreasonable expectations. They make assumptions of what  they do or dont do, never once investing in their lives to find out the truth. They do not try to discover that they are no different than they are. They are in need of Savior just like you and me, even more so because He has called them to model for His people His righteous not in perfection but with the Grace and Mercy Of Christ Jesus.


Dear Saints

Walking with God is a journey, like a marriage, one where we rise each day purposing to glorify God, admitting our failures, inabilities. Moving forward with Him beside us, in front of us,leading, and carrying us when necessary. Let us walk with Christ knowing that we can't do it without Him or each other.


Thank you Father for each challenging moment of each day that you give me to walk with you. Thank you for allowing me to glorify your name and to bring praises to you as I walk in this path of Life. Help me Lord in my sin, lead me not into temptation but deliver from evil. Help me in my imperfections, so that I may bring you glory. Help me Father in my own mindsets about the Saints. Lord we all need you. In Jesus Name-




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