Friday, July 25, 2014

Homeschooling Young Adults- Lord Help me....

In the article on the AHEAD blog - Why Older Kids Fight Your Teaching and How to Fix It?
I had struggles, my kids fighting my teaching. One never wanted to do his work. Another would do some of it and not the rest.



I am unsure what state she lives in, but in our state a child not meeting the "requirements" and being free to learn what they want is NOT an option.
Teenagers are tough- I have graduated 5 children in homeschooling. I have 7 children and have been schooling for more than 10 years and I  have 18 or more to go with my two little ones. By the time I am done I will have schooled for almost 30 years.
As tired as we get of schooling, requirements, and work, young adults(teenagers) get the same way. Truth be told,life is work. Things we do to survive, to eat, have a roof over our heads is not an option. We have to do it. It is required or expected if you want to be have a home, and food. Learning is the same way- we are not given an option whether to school or not school. We are mandated by law to school our children and in some states they even go as far as to tell you what subjects are required. I have often told my older children there are some things in life you never get away from doing. Education is not an option it is a requirement, taxes though was not meant to be Law- it is- try not paying and see what happens, to survive you must work if you want to eat or have a home. It would nice if we could take things in life and make it be exactly what we would like it to be. I agree that you can encourage your children and give them opportunities to do the things they love but too many times we  to steer towards things  all things they are interested in or love and forget that not everything we do we love, and not everything we do are we interested in.

I am raising productive adults for the Kingdom of Christ Jesus and ones who will function in society that can think out of the box of the norm, but  adults who also realize that though they do not like some things in their job they are required to do them if they would like to keep the job. Not ones who create an environment that is all about all the things they love to do, it is unrealistic. There are ones are blessed who get to do exactly what they want to do in life, and love doing it. Praise Jesus for the that gift but I do not believe that is the norm.

Schooling children is difficult and truly I don't think there is a great formula on how to do it the right way, especially when they hit the young adult years. They are trying to find who they are, their hormones are in a rage, and schooling because more difficult. This is not the time to make it easier but to help them see through the tough times, they first press in to CHRIST JESUS, and endure to the end. The reward is sweeter!

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