Sunday, July 13, 2014

Things repeat no matter how hard you try

Have you ever tried so hard to not allow patterns or even curses ,as the bible calls them,to continue to repeat.
Have you made vows?
Have you shared with your children so that they will not walk in the same path you did?
Truly I guess unless the person vows within themselves to not repeat those patterns you will see them manifest.

No matter what wisdom you bestow or guidance you try to give them, if they do not take those words and embed them in their hearts as truth. If they do not walk a walk contrary, then the Words are in vain.

Are we exempt from sharing No!

Does it hurt to watch, YES.

There is nothing like feeling like a failure. There is nothing like knowing all those tears end in the same manifestation. The same "mistakes", the same divisions, the same results in your own family.

Those patterns that damage, that hurt and continue to hurt, only Christ Jesus can completely heal and change.

Lean on the Cross of Christ- only He can heal and bring you peace inspite of the situation.

Thank you Father that your Word rings truth always.

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