Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Walking with Christ

walk with God


The walk of a lifetime is walking with Christ. It is a daily process . Lately, that walk has been a challenge, with each step forward I feel I take two giant steps back. I have come to realize so many people have this mindset or even this expectation for those who "walk with God". They think or believe that if you walk with God you are

1. judgemental-

In NO way,do we judge people but we are called to call sin ,sin. We are not called to ignore it or pretend it does not exist or not there.


If a man is married and he is seeing other women ,behind his wife's back what is that called?

Adultery ,right?

NO one can say that action is right or pretend it is right,but so many try to down size it by making excuses.

"His wife is a pain, she is not very nice or she is controlling. "

Yet the truth comes down to this, it is Adultery in the eyes of God and man.

What law do you live by? if you don't live by the guidelines and the law of God then you live by the guidelines and the laws of man. Man's heart is corrupt the word says.(Psalm 14:1)

2. We are perfect

Perfection is doing everything right and saying everything right. Perfection is not part and will not be part of "walking with God" on this side of Glory,in this body, and within this flesh. Folks believe that people who "walk with Christ" are perfect. When they manifest a bit of "being human" then they are shocked or even angry.

You hear things like, " they are suppose to be Christians"

Yes,the manifestation of our lives is suppose be giving glory to our Lord in every situation, and every day. BUT LETS BE REAL... we do not respond correctly all the time in everything. WE do not even think correctly. When our flesh takes control and we have to put it under control and begin that walk with Christ again. Walking with Christ is a continual daily journey.. He did not call us to perfection,the moment He called us to Him. He called us to suffer each day by carrying our cross and following hard after Him. (Matthew 16:24)


3. If you are leader then you do no wrong....


Being called to leadership whether it be women's ministry, pastor/elder's wife or even deacon's wives- people have these unfair unreasonable expectations. They make assumptions of what  they do or dont do, never once investing in their lives to find out the truth. They do not try to discover that they are no different than they are. They are in need of Savior just like you and me, even more so because He has called them to model for His people His righteous not in perfection but with the Grace and Mercy Of Christ Jesus.


Dear Saints

Walking with God is a journey, like a marriage, one where we rise each day purposing to glorify God, admitting our failures, inabilities. Moving forward with Him beside us, in front of us,leading, and carrying us when necessary. Let us walk with Christ knowing that we can't do it without Him or each other.


Thank you Father for each challenging moment of each day that you give me to walk with you. Thank you for allowing me to glorify your name and to bring praises to you as I walk in this path of Life. Help me Lord in my sin, lead me not into temptation but deliver from evil. Help me in my imperfections, so that I may bring you glory. Help me Father in my own mindsets about the Saints. Lord we all need you. In Jesus Name-



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