Thursday, September 18, 2014

Each day welding

It often amazes me how quickly time goes. Each day welding into the next and each one being like the other but different in many ways. I spend so much time racing to keep with myself, responsibilities, schooling, house, groceries, laundry, as well so many other things. My heart's intention is always misunderstood and I wonder often why I bother or even care.

Examining other mothers- who seem to function and can disconnect and live without being affected by the choices their children make and rarely do you hear them share a word of what is on their heart concerning them. I look in the mirror and wonder- what is wrong with me?

How come I can't seem to manage what is going on? How come everyone else seems to have all together? Their kids are "perfect" and I am just watching myself and the world around me unravel. (at least that is how it feels)

As you rear your children and train them in life, of course the goal is to make them productive,GODLY members of society. (at least that was my goal) Some how they have become members of society- that is it. The productive and Godly neither of them seem to matter, especially to my young men. They think that staying up playing video games then going to bed at whatever time they choose is productivity. They do not see the wasting away of their lives and their choices well lets say you would think that none of them have been raised on a foundation of the  Word. It is so sad.

I am challenged at the time, energy, and sacrifice to end with this result. I look at each young man- and only one is trying to live according to conviction. The one who is trying, is also willing to listen to counsel and works so hard to honor it.

Oct 31, 2014
Thoughts I never shared,thought I would post now

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I did it- I figured out a way to unplug myself completely from Facebook- woohoo Now I still have my AMPhotography page and the Women's ministry page but I removed myself personally from those pages and created a profile that was for those pages. It works.I hesitated going back to Facebook for two reasons- 1. it is time consuming. It is a way to connect to others with out really being connected. You know they use to call that a peeping Tom or being NOSY. Now it is normal to lurk, make assumptions on people's  lives based on post from Facebook or other social media. It really has become the downfall of our society.

2. My heart is- if people want to know about me or my family ask me- Facebook is not me. It is just a small very small piece of me.


On another fronts- my class has began in full swing. I am excited and intimidated all at the same time. I will keep you posted in that regard.


Be still and know that HE is God- be strong in HIM and seek His face - I need you Lord in my life. Less of me and more of you.

Your Servant




Monday, September 15, 2014

Careful Listening







Careful Listening is a truly profound sermon. I hope you take the time to listen to it.

Scripture reference is Luke 8:16-21


May this be a blessing to you as it was me.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Seemingly homeless

I wonder how people feel about the subject people standing on the side of the road declaring their hunger and homelessness. But don't look dirty. They have very expensive sneakers on their feet and just don't really appeared to be homeless . I realize the Bible says "when a man ask for your coat .you're to give them your cloak also" but what do you do in these kind of situations ?where it's doesn't seem to an apparent need. When it is away of making a living. It is a kind of manipulation, right? Are we as Christians obligated to help in these kind of situations ?

Today as I was sitting at the light on the corner of second Street and Forster there was a gentleman with a sign stating traveling homeless and hungry and on the curb in front of where he was a brand-new bag of chips that was open and an unopened bottle of Gatorade. These chips were not cheap chips it was "nature's promise organic chips" . I can not even afford to pay that kind of price for potato chips but yet someone who is homeless traveling and hungry can pay that kind of price for chips ? I know what you are going to say, what if someone gave him those items. True what if they did? But what if they didn't? What if he was able to purchase those items, along with his very nice Nike, in great condition sneakers?

What do we do in this kind of world where God is commanded us to feed the hungry and take care of the poor and yet we look around us and they don't look hungry? They seem to be taking advantage of people's good-natured hearts to their financial game.

I know the agreements. We give without worrying. Allow God to take care of the rest. Like giving to an alcoholic. You give it to him what he does with it is on him. Is it really? Should we not be wiser than that?

I am curious of your thoughts on this matter.

Your Servant Angie

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thinking of the Week That Just Ended


Who made you feel good this week?I am thinking, I am thinking- My sweet little man made me feel good this week. We had a busy two days. Friday we went to Lake Tobias and Sunday we went to Hershey Park. We were standing in line at hershey park waiting for something and he turns to me and says - "mom you are truly the best mom in the whole world." His sweet sincerity is what touched me so deeply. It was unprompted by anyone and it truly touched the deepest place in my heart. My older children have said that to me in the past when they were little at one point or another but my little man actually saying it in a way that I actually believed that I was the best mom in the world. I wish I could have captured that moment so I could replay it forever and ever, but it will always be in my heart.

What was the biggest mistake you made this week? allowing my flesh to react to a situation. It reminds me of what the scripture says- I do what I dont want to do and I dont do what I want to do.

What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?Currently I am in midst of enrolling in college. I was able to gather the necessary paper work so I can enroll in my classes.I am excited and intimidated at the same time. I want to be successful at everything I do but most of all I desire to get closer to Christ.

What did you most enjoy doing this week? I enjoyed riding with babygirl on her first roller coaster. she was the shortest in line and I know the youngest. She loved it. She cried when it was time to get off the ride.

Many things happen in a week that often we dont take the time to reflect on it, or even think about what we would change about it or what was the most important moment of the week. I am grateful that The Lord has given me my mind to remember and trap some of these precious moments I had with my sweet ones. I desire so much to give them the better side of me, and give them a solid walk in Christ Jesus. Lord help me not to fail you- and may you grant me the days to do what you have called me to in both of my sweet ones lives.


Monday, September 1, 2014



What does happiness mean to you?

Hmm happiness is never really defined correctly. Too often is it correlated with things or even emotions. Each of these in which are temporary states that can vanish or change with any given circumstance.

Happiness to me go hand and hand with a sense of inner peace The Lord has given me and the joy that only comes through the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Simple things bring me so much happiness... The first cry of a new born baby, when my sweet children show me their love for me through their thoughtful actions as a gift or just being a blessing, my beloved husband- just his mere presences brings me so much happiness (when he isn't driving me crazy) :) when I take a fantastic photograph, when I encourage someone with the Word and restore things even if it is just for a moment a sense of peace that only comes from Christ, when God uses this broken vessel to teach others the Word, homeschooling My sweet boy and babygirl.

Would you describe yourself as a naturally happy or unhappy person?

In a perspective of life I have a tendency to look towards the negative though I will often encourage others in the opposite direction. In others words I will encourage others in a positive way and discourage them to not to think negatively. But naturally and personally I would be... Hmm I hate to say unhappy because I don't feel like I am unhappy. Guess the best person to answer this would be my beloved husband... So we will ask him- He says a happy person ... Good because that is how I see myself.

A time when I felt really happy and a time I made someone else really happy..
I don't know- I know that I try to stay in a mind of happiness and positive. I try very hard to be happy with all the blessings The Lord has bestowed on my life even through my trials.

Happy are the people with such blessings. Happy are the people whose God is Yahweh. (‭Psalms‬ ‭144‬:‭15‬ HCSB)

Happy are those who keep His decrees and seek Him with all their heart. (‭Psalms‬ ‭119‬:‭2‬ HCSB)

Happy is the person who trusts in You, Lord of Hosts! (‭Psalms‬ ‭84‬:‭12‬ HCSB)

Lord thank you for giving me a heart that longs after you and a peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen.

How would you define happiness?




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