Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thinking of the Week That Just Ended


Who made you feel good this week?I am thinking, I am thinking- My sweet little man made me feel good this week. We had a busy two days. Friday we went to Lake Tobias and Sunday we went to Hershey Park. We were standing in line at hershey park waiting for something and he turns to me and says - "mom you are truly the best mom in the whole world." His sweet sincerity is what touched me so deeply. It was unprompted by anyone and it truly touched the deepest place in my heart. My older children have said that to me in the past when they were little at one point or another but my little man actually saying it in a way that I actually believed that I was the best mom in the world. I wish I could have captured that moment so I could replay it forever and ever, but it will always be in my heart.

What was the biggest mistake you made this week? allowing my flesh to react to a situation. It reminds me of what the scripture says- I do what I dont want to do and I dont do what I want to do.

What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?Currently I am in midst of enrolling in college. I was able to gather the necessary paper work so I can enroll in my classes.I am excited and intimidated at the same time. I want to be successful at everything I do but most of all I desire to get closer to Christ.

What did you most enjoy doing this week? I enjoyed riding with babygirl on her first roller coaster. she was the shortest in line and I know the youngest. She loved it. She cried when it was time to get off the ride.

Many things happen in a week that often we dont take the time to reflect on it, or even think about what we would change about it or what was the most important moment of the week. I am grateful that The Lord has given me my mind to remember and trap some of these precious moments I had with my sweet ones. I desire so much to give them the better side of me, and give them a solid walk in Christ Jesus. Lord help me not to fail you- and may you grant me the days to do what you have called me to in both of my sweet ones lives.


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