Friday, October 31, 2014


Life has gone by so fast. Time seems to be so limited sometimes. I have wanted to get on here so many times to share and put my thoughts down but then something else happens and before I know it I close my eyes to another day.

We are in full swing of the shut down. Not sure if I have explained this in the past but basically the power plant shuts down a reactor once a year per the mandate by the government and does all kinds of maintence. Of course time is money so they put 12 hours shifts 7 days a week on staff till this reactor is up and running again. Some how the first year this happened,my beloved was picked to do night shift. A man with many children and some small children over all the carpenter supervisors. Anyway- another grievances for another time. My beloved drives an hour and half to work each day, so in this season coming home is very difficult so he normally stays in that area. This season is very very long and lonely.

The last few years with all the older children at home, I experienced a lot of drama and emotional strain trying to manage my home emotionally, spiritually and keeping things in order in a way that would be pleasing to my Lord as well as my beloved husband. This year is different. Peace has been restored. Most of the drama in my life is gone. Three out of my 5 grown children have now moved out. One is joyously married. The other two well one went to Texas, against our advisement and the other one well he left in rebellion as well. The other two are working hard to try to figure out their futures so they also can move forward. Leaving me with a quiet home, and two little ones.

Duck is progressing in school. I also am taking college courses in biblical studies. I had been desiring to take classes in this area for a while and started to investigate when I received a very discouraging email from a young lady within our church explaining why she did not attend bible study in which I lead. It was enough to finalize my decision to take the course in which I have enjoyed so much. I am considering now in advancing to a degree in which I know others would deem as a waste of money because what do you do with a Biblical Studies degree but it doesn't matter. I think it is money well spent because my time is being spent in the Word of God! I believe there is no better way to spend money but on ways to learn about Him, and His Word.

What else..... Well I have finally received answer to my prayer, a mentor. A least likely candidate whom I never expected has joined forces with me from our body. She is an older lady, about 60 years old. Degree in theology and truly a wise woman of God. She is a single woman, that is an area that is difficult for me to relate to but in many ways our hearts are similar. She has a ton of wisdom, and I am a willing pupil, ready to hear what she has to say. She has been such a blessing to me. She has been my refuge, and has brought such a peace to my heart and life. I just adore her. I wish I could express it to her in my affectionate way, she does not like affection. So I must find other means of loving her. :)

Dear saints I am sorry I have not been as faithful as I desire. All these thoughts run through my head and I think, wow that would make a great blog post. Or I just want to unload and sometimes I don't feel like this is the place for that so I don't. As 2014 comes to a close so quickly- I am praying 2015 will be so much better in this area of my life. I love to write and blog and share, if you are willing to read and listen.


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