Monday, December 22, 2014

Behind closed doors...

Lately I have been reflecting, looking out the window at our neighbors homes. Behind each closed door is another world. A world no one knows of and a life no better translated than those who live there.

At looking at all these closed doors, that we use for protection to keep people out, to keep the bitter cold out, and that we find safety behind; Each door opens to a place that if you are welcomed in brings you to another world.

Behind those doors are lives, people, families, children and animals. People live behind those doors, and we don't know those people. In not knowing we don't know what each one of those families are enduring at this "season". I sit looking and wondering what it is they are facing. What pain are they enduring, what challenges are they facing, and are they believers in Jesus Christ?

Our door is no different than any of our neighbors, we close it for protection, we close it to keep out the bitter cold, and we feel safe behind it, except as of late. We don't feel safe behind this closed door. Someone has decided to take that safety away. They have decided to defile it, and remove the safety we felt with just a word. Our door has always been open to our neighbors. Our door has always been open to our brothers and sisters in Christ and it still is. We fear what is on the other side of that door. We wonder who will come knocking and what they will say.

Though we lock the door we find No comfort behind it.

Lord as we begin a new week- Lord give me and my beloved strength to face whatever comes our way. This is the week we are to celebrate the birth of our King Jesus. The one who brings peace to the hearts of all men. We feel no peace Lord. Our lives are hanging on a thread. We desire for you to intervene. We ask that you go before us and tear down the enemy and His lies. We ask Lord that you prepare my babygirl's mouth, her words, and allow the truth to be revealed through HER tiny soul. Lord I am not worthy. I am at a loss and find NO comfort in anything but knowing that you still sit on the throne. May your mercy be upon our home, our family and upon my beloved and I. Shed your light upon us.

In Jesus Name.

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