Saturday, December 20, 2014

Trials of life

At this moment as I type this- we (my beloved husband and I) are enduring the most difficult trial we have ever faced in our 23 years of marriage. This trial has rocked our very core, and it is a trial that we have absolutely NO control over. We have to just wait for the "due process" and endure till the end, pray that the truth is revealed, and that we as God's people will prevail.

This morning as I read a devotional that I have been going through about the Birth of our Savior - the title spoke to me- Courageous waiting: No word from God will ever Fail.

The quote from Annie Downs- Sometimes it takes alot of waiting and a little fear to keep on the brave path that God has picked for you.

The truth is that trials will come to God's people. The enemy is a "liar" ,as one faithful believer said to me. I can't help but think- was this situation like Job, where the enemy came before the Lord and the Lord said "do you see my faithful servants Sam and Angie? " and the enemy said- "well they are only faithful because you protect them. "

As we face each day with fear and trembling,uncertain of what will happen and who will knock on our door- we look towards heaven for comfort and strength. We ask all the redeemed to get on their knees in our behalf. Beseech the throne of God for our family, for our smallest children, and for HIS light to shine. To give me strength, my husband strength as we both try to survive, and live "normal" lives in this trial.

Mary's words ring in my ears- "May your words to me be fulfilled"

Lord speaks words of protection, guidance,comfort, peace and love to His people. I ask that HIS Words be fulfilled. May He be our strength when we are weak. May He bring us peace in the midst of the storm. May He reveal the truth and quiet the voice and lies of enemy.

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you will succeed,and you will refute any accusation raised against you in court.This is the heritage of the Lord’s servants,and their righteousness is from Me.”This is the Lord’s declaration.

Lord I am not worthy - and I thank you for who you are and what you have done. Lord you know the trial we are experiencing and I ask that you guide us through it. Help us to put our hope and trust in you. Bring peace to our souls Lord. Bring peace to my husband, as this is another trial that has challenged everything about him. Lord often I wonder ,what you are doing? why you are doing it? I do not know the answer- Lord. I love you!! I love you whatever comes! Protect my baby, and Noah. Let this be just a vague memory. Lord, I lift up this doctor to you. I ask that you also minister to her heart. If it is pain that caused her to move, then Lord I ask you heal it by first bringing her to you. Lord whatever it is I ask that you prevail in her life. As you have prevailed in mine. Bring peace to our Home. Help us to focus on you and you alone. Jesus I ask that you approach the throne of God in our behalf and end this situation for your glory and your HOnor!!!
In Jesus Name Amen

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  1. I'm standing with you in prayer and faith!!! Love you always


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