Saturday, January 24, 2015

new life

My life, and time goes way too fast. This week we had an addition to our family. New life, a sweet  new boy- how precious is life. Too often young people look at life as if they have all the time of the world. Never worrying about relationships, never worrying about tomorrow though life never promises tomorrow,so much hope comes from new life. New beginnings, a new chance to do things the right way according to the Word of God. Many times we humans never see it that way. We look at it as just another baby is born and not the second chance, or new beginning God intended it to be.

My Dear Little One- I have so much hope for you. I hope you will have what your mother did not. I hope you will show her love, strength, and order that only Christ can give. May you lead her to Christ like no one else could. May you restore what has been lost  what  has been lost along the way.

Titi Abuela loves you and I can't wait to meet you.


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