Friday, March 13, 2015

Day by Day



Each day is different, so it always amazes me when people say they don't like change. I often think, then you don't like life, because each day is different. I am grateful for each day, for the birds that are now singing, because the snow is quickly melting outside, for the signs of spring and warmer days.  I am grateful for a faithful husband who rises for work each morning. I am thankful for healthy children!

Lately I have been wondering what does humility look like for someone whom you might have offended? Should that humility be sober? Should any "pride" emulate from us in anyway when we know we have cased so much pain in someone else's life? How long should that humility last?

Too often people think "I am sorry" is good enough. I am sorry is a mean to show sorrow for the offense, right?

What happens when I am sorry doesn't seem good enough?  Pain isn't a switch that you can turn on and off. Depending on the offense that pain remains for some time. It takes an effort doesn't it? What do you do when it seems like no effort is being made and though the person has said they are sorry, and you forgive but every time you turn around they do not emulate humility.

What do you when Words do not seem enough? They seem empty?! I guess that is where I am at,in trying to understand humility, and pain.

These are reflections of my heart...


Thank you for another day, not only to serve you but to understand you. Pain is an aspect of life you never wanted your children to experience but  rebellion within us we turned from you and continue to turn from you. We live in a society that says "children are to rebel" We live in a society where it is ok to be dishonoring, disrespectful, prideful and unloving. Lord forgive us, a perverted generation. Father my hearts desire is to show the humility in my life as I should. To carry my consequences where I should, and live my life glorifying your name.

For the Glory of Christ I pray.




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