Friday, April 10, 2015

a message


Too often as humans we do not take seriously the wonder and power of our Creator, our Lord. We just mundanely  walk through life, doing what we do, never considering anything or anyone. If you call yourself a Christian, a lover of Jesus Christ and a follower of the Word,then this message is for you. 

Here Peter is instructing the dispersed Believers scattered all over Asia.He is reminding them that though they are far from their land, God is always watching and He is always near. 

Do we live lives realizing our Lord sees to the depth of our hearts? 

Do we believe that He hears? 

Dear Saints, 

Busyness of life and demands keep us from truly being who God wants us to be. Without Christ we are but empty shells walking around. 

Be strong in Him and live realizing His eyes are upon you. 

Your Servant 


Tuesday, April 7, 2015



I often wonder when I pray if my prayers are heard. Does the Lord even care about what I am saying with all the other things in this world. Like evil, hunger, people needing Him. 

I know He hears my prayers and when they are His Will he answers them. 

This 2015 has flown by: we have found out that my Babygirl is having a baby. 


We have had fun taking pictures for St Patrick's day. No we are not Irish!  


We have just recently gathered as a family for Resurrection Sunday. He has risen!  




And we celebrated her 23rd birthday :)!

Time flies. People change. The Lord hears your voice calling if you choose to call Him. 

Thank you Lord for answered prayers, family and the love of your Son through His sacrifice!

Your Servant 



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