Friday, May 8, 2015


At times my heart is filled with so much sorrow over my two sons who have decided that their family, their parents are not necessary in life. To be completely cutout of ones life after you cared for them for 20 something years leaves a hole in your heart. It's so hard to understand the reasons why. 

Why would someone honestly believe their parents don't love them? 

Is it because they don't behave, react or do what they want to do? 

It's so funny how that works for children. Often we hear, children aren't robots, they don't do what you want them to do. Well guess what neither are parents. We do not all fit in this "mold" of parents.  Just as parents expect a behavior from children ,I think children expect a behavior as well. My son has sinned against my Lord, and has dishonored and disrespected his family, and truly believes that he should not have consequences nor does he believe he has to do anything to mend the damage that was done but say " I am sorry". The damage he has done to my heart, to the hearts closest to him, well needless to say the reaction has not been "open arms," "we love you," but a turning a way from. We (the family) have endured too much at his hands and at this point out of protection for themselves the children ( grown on their own children) have decided that having a relationship with him brings way too much spiritual and emotional drama.

 My heart hurts for him, for his blindness, for his belief in the lies that are being whispered in his ear by his future wife. He truly believes she is for him, but she has done nothing but divide him from his family. No one who is for you will live their lives to create more damage. On the other hand you can not divide one who does not want or believe in it, right? It is amazing how the enemy works to divide families, to destroy them, and we allow him because we believe his lies.... 

I can attest to believing the lies of the enemy.  I will say that this experience has showed me myself so clearly. 

Lord give parents wisdom to raise our children as you would desire us to, bless Duck and babygirl, protect them from the evil one, and help me to guide them in your truth, 

In Jesus name 


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