Monday, June 8, 2015


There is no better way to describe my Saturday but as Craziness...

My brother, his girl,children and two dogs came into town. My brother came for a purpose, my car needed some serious maintenance done, and no better person than him to help me out, with his knowledge he has on cars.Since my beloved has not time, and has been working NONstop all year, and most Saturdays as well.

Little did we know the endeavor he was taking on. Just for the record, Chryslers are very hard to work on. But no challenge is truly to great if you face it head on, it also does help when you have many hands and heads.

The day began at 6am for me, I got up and got ready, woke the children and headed to Walmart for some quick grocery shopping without having my cup of coffee. Needless to say my brain functions on minimal capacity at that hour in the morning and no coffee.Example: I was chatting with my  mom via text so when my daughter text I thought I was still talking to my mom... never once did it register that the text that came through was from Maria. (see minimal capacity with NO coffee) I also was going to make baked oatmeal, never looking to see if I had oatmeal or not (which I did not) but of course I did not realize that till after I returned to from the store. (see minimal capacity)

The day progressed with much to do... meeting Mr and Mrs McIlvaine at DMV to get the camper, they are "giving" us, title switched over. In the meantime my brother is arriving to work on my car. Returning back from that task to face that the parts the auto parts store gave me were wrong, so off to store I went.( I lost count how many times I ran back and forth to that auto parts store. )

My brother tried to get stuff ready for when the parts would arrive (since they did not have all the parts in) when finally after a few hours of working on his own, Sammy showed up to help and not long my beloved arrived. It was a long day and night for all of them when the car finally got done with new seals, brakes, rotors, drums, oil, oil filter, and transmission filter at 6am Sunday morning.


After getting up at 3 am that morning to be at work by 6am, my husband at 3:30am Sunday morning finally just could not stay awake any longer.

In the meantime, Christy and I tried to manage the children, and dogs inside. Just as it was getting dark, Christy was letting her two dogs out when they caught sight of animal in the yard. They both took off after the animal. Christy thought at first they were chasing a dog when she realized that it was not a dog, but a skunk. So yes, as you guessed, both of her dogs were skunked. We had to jump back into the car and run to walmart to deskunk the dogs. ( deskunking is a taunting task, and is a smell that lingers on everything) By the time we layed our heads down I know it was after 12am.

So now you see why I say Craziness is the best way to describe my Saturday!!!

I love you all for your sacrifice and hard work!


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