Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fleeting moments....

Moments in life are so fleeting. They happen in a flash and most of the time we just do not take the time to cherish it or we do not even recognize it's significance.

Yesterday I was on a country music kick. I listen to all kinds of music, not one genre do I like over another. Anyway- I was listening to country and came a cross a song I had never heard before. He didn't have to be by Brad Paisley ( ) At that moment the pain that I had not been feeling from an email received a few days ago came rushing into my heart. (but that is for another blog post- not this one)

If you have never heard this song, you have got to take the time. It's amazing. The song is about a boy whose father was not in his life, raised by a single momma, who dated. In watching men walk away from "them" because she had a child.(let's remember in these scenarios this affects the children as well) He waited patiently till that right man walked into his mother's life. He tells the story of how the man he calls dad, and his mother met, married and how this man who married his mom did not have to be the dad to him he was.

It made me think of my man- many you do not know my "story".( that is also for another blog post) He did not have to be a dad to my two oldest children. Sam knew their father, met him, and endured his madness right along with me. He did not have to be to PM and Bear what he was. Of course in thinking about all this it made me so so appreciative that the Lord brought my beloved in my life at the right time and the fact that Sam did not just want me, he wanted them as well. He has loved these two boys with every part of himself, made sacrifices for them, and endured many things for them.

When Sam came home from work I had been emotional for a few hours now. I did not know if my beloved had heard the song before so when He got home

I said," honey I have you heard this song?!" He is not good with song names, by the way, so

he said, "I am not sure."

I said "here listen to this song."

As the song started to play of course, I started to cry, and  my beloved took me into his arms and danced with me as I cried for everything He is and has been to me and my children.



Thank you is so empty compared to the gratitude I feel towards Him for saving me from me, and bringing love, security, dedication to a woman who had no idea what that looked like. For loving two children that are not his, and giving them a name, a family, and a life. I know one of them feels great gratitude towards him for all he has done.. and another- well lets just say he has cut us both out of his life. (that is also for another blog post)

Fleeting moments-- are just that  fleeting but if you do not grasp them with two hands they will be gone with out even a thought. This moment will be embedded in my heart forever...

we danced!




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