Friday, June 19, 2015

fun times...

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These moments are so few when it comes to daddy, seeing him have fun and let loose. It seems like he works endlessly. He just never seems to have a moment in time to just have fun and enjoy life, his children, his home or even me. Do you wonder if  the mandate the Lord placed on man that," He will work by the sweat of his brow", if that is what He meant? Did he mean that you will never have fun, you will always be tired, and there be little to no enjoyment in life?!

I know and believe that Believers in Christ will suffer, if we are to take up our cross and follow after Christ. Christ suffered in this world. I just wonder if there are not to be any moments of joy?

Peace is a gift given by God, so we will experience peace inspite of the world chaos around us, and Joy is also the Lord's so we will experience His joy. But the Joy in life, do you wonder if we are suppose to have it? I wonder because if we enjoy this life too much, or love this world to much then our hearts will not yearn for Him, right?

The gift of family, of love, of a spouse, they are truly meant to be enjoyed...

As I sit and reflect on life, and my sweet husband, I am thankful that he has provided for me, for our children a very peaceful, loving and secure home. We all can never repay him for his sacrifices physically, his diligence or even the wonderful example he has been to each of us. Father's day is fast approaching and truly the gift He is- NONE of us can ever buy anything or share enough.

My beloved Samuel- my words are so empty and meaningless on how much you mean to me, how much I appreciate you (even when you make me mad) and How much I love you with all that I am. I am who I am because of the Love you have given me. I know that you love me because of the Love God has given you. I know and have not forgotten my own failures and sin, and think often how? WHY? Many women are not as blessed as I am and have been.

Thank you my sweet and beloved man!

Happy Father's Day


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