Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Obama care- really??

Today I got my first experience of  the "NOT an option" health care.. see Obama has tried to make it out like we have options in health care. Making it out like healthcare is available for everyone. Giving hope that this was to make sure that everyone is covered, but truly it is a way to control your options. To take away rights as an employee on what type of coverage you have, and who you can or can not cover.


 Are we really getting to a place in America that we do not have an option as American people?

What did our soldiers fight for? My brother who served in three tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq war, sacrificed his health, hearing and memory, so that our options could be taken away? Any military member would not be fighting for our freedoms to be removed as they are. I also know He did not fight so that the judicial system who places court orders out there, for them to not be honored by someone without consequence. Where is justice?

Where is options?

What did these men die for?


Lord Help our country and the people within it.


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