Friday, July 24, 2015

Where does our protection come from?


As human beings we go through wondering how and why the universe exists. How does the moon stay in the sky at night? Why doesn't the sun's heat burn up our planet? How do we go to sleep each morning and wake up every night? These mysteries oh can be given a scientific answer I am sure but truly the real answer is the Lord. He continues to do what He has done from the being of time as that is order and direct the world. I know it is hard to imagine or even understand in a world of evil, hurt, sin and pain, but it's true. He continues to guide and protect. The birds of the air do not worry about food because He continues to provide as man continues to destroy their natural habitat. You see He is with us. For those who do not believe how do explain the order of the world? How do you explain the way things go, and natural function? Honestly all explanations will eventually cease and there will be nothing left but the Lord.

I find comfort in knowing that when my life seems to be in a tail spin, He is still in control! When it seems that I have no peace, He is still in control. When pain overcomes me, He is still in control.

" The Lord protects me and the Lord is my shelter right by my side. "

Grace and Peace


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