Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wedding Day

After many months... We got to witness the union.

 photo by Sarah B photography
photo by Sarah B photography

May their lives be filled with Christ! He is only way that can keep a marriage strong. Only His way, His truth and His Love


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend Memories

This weekend we decided to take the kiddos to a corn maze. It was something I had purchased through Groupon. I  so glad we went. Fields of adventures was so fun


Apple Sling


Targets for the apple sling

Going out to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins


In the corn maze daddy answers a question - yes it was educational!  

    I love making memories. I hope some day they will always say how good things were. Not perfect but good!
Thank you Lord for these moments in life.


Friday, November 6, 2015


Forgiveness, one of those things that many do not understand. Many do not understand that forgiveness is a process. One in which a person chooses to forgive someone, and the other  person seeking forgiveness acts in humility with an understanding and desire to be forgiven. Yes there are occasions where we forgive even though a person never sought to be forgiven and that is when we forgive for our own hearts sake.

Let's not forget to forgive is not a natural human ability. It is impossible for us to properly forgive without the Love of Christ within us. Through many years of life this very fact has manifested, without Christ I am unable to properly forgive and I have seen in many situations where people can not and will not properly forgive.  Though they declare themselves to be believers, you see within themselves  they do not have the ability to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift from God who gave HIS one and Only Son to forgive us of our sins, so in turn has in dwelled us with that same ability to forgive. We choose to manifest that fullness of forgiveness or not when we call ourselves believers of "The WAY." To choose forgiveness is to Choose Christ.. to Choose forgiveness is to vanquish darkness from within, to choose forgiveness is to choose true freedom. Do not let the bondage of un-forgiveness keep you from truly rejoicing, and truly seeing What Christ has in stored for you.

Trust me when I say I am still learning this myself.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015


In so many ways we have seen this statement as truth as we have moved to many places and experienced many different churches. The same epidemic seems to be invading the hearts of believers that makes them think that if they check the box that,"they went to church Sunday morning" makes them a good person. All to often people are content with just showing up to hear a good message Sunday as they live their lives no different than the rest of the world Monday - Saturday. The hardest struggle in this walk with Him is desiring to be like Him and others looking at you thinking you think "you are better than everyone else". No I am no better than you I just believe the Word one and desire to please my Lord two. 

I am not content in just going to church... I want people to see Christ within me and in my life. I am not trying to check a box or trying to make people think I am something I am not. Trust me when I say, "there is no greater sinner than me in this world who needed a redeeming blood to cleanse me!" 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


As we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word.... - all to often we forget that though we have our own will and lives we are to obey the Father who saved us from our sins. Obedience in your walk with Christ manifest as evidence that you shed the old and been renewed in Him. As you look in the mirror what do you see? A soul who is thirsty for Christ or one thirsty for sin. 

Live a life in obedience... You will be glad you did. 

Monday, November 2, 2015


Lately my heart has needed a revival. The pain caused by others, lack of love from the church that we had been fellowshipping at, and loneliness, has left a hole in my heart that can only be filled by Christ. I seek to walk with Him daily. The Daily Walk bible is an incredible tool. It is the first time I desire to read the Word from beginning to end. Other reading plans have not worked. My prayer in 2016 is that I read the Scriptures from cover to cover.  

Anyone want to join me? It would be great to have the accountability and someone to chat with over what we read. 

Lord awaken my heart to you! Help me to hear your voice, guide me through your truth and revive me within! 


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wine Tasting

There is a first time for everything so the saying says, right?  One of the beautiful things about PA is the variety of things to do. We have many different things around us and I have always wanted to experience a winery with my beloved. I purchased tickets through Groupon and did not realize that this "tour" was actually a wine tasting tour that was to take place over two weekends and over 16 different wineries. I thought you picked which ones you wanted to go see and experience their winery. 

The very first location we landed at  on the last day of the tour,(was not far from our home )was not a winery but more like a wine store. We were greeted by whom we believe was the owner of the facility. Remember we have never done this so we go in having no idea what to do or what to expect. He came up and asked for tickets that we were to be provided by any of the 16 places, in which he was out of. When we told him we didn't have tickets but an electronic voucher he got irritated.  We told him we have never done this, instead of informing us of what to expect and what to do, he told us he doesn't have any glasses to give us. ( which is part of the package we were to get two wine glasses)  He then said there is a table up there for two go sit at that table. So we sat down, still confused and unsure, when the waitress came over, it was at that point through her brief description we started to understand. ( but not completely)  After ordering our first spit of wine( and when I say spit I mean they give you 1-2 swallows of wine and the is it) we realized what was expected us. 


When we left there and our experience being so negative my beloved was ready to give up and just go get something to eat. I wanted my wine glasses, so I encouraged him to go on to the next winery. We are so glad we did. This time we landed at a real winery. The people were so friendly and so helpful and we actually got our glasses even though they had run out. The owner dug out more just for us.  

The next place was so small. It was a home, and the family made the back yard a winery. 


My favorite wine here was a pineapple wine that tasted so sweet and good! (should have bought myself a bottle) This place was so crowded and the man complained about people's rudeness but for the most part it was so neat to see this little place.

The last place was huge. It was a winery and brewery. The people were so nice and knowledgable and their customers were just as friendly. The scenery at this one was breathtaking 


Though the day began in a negative way it ended wonderfully with this place. We will do a tour like this again. At least next time we will know what to expect and what to do. 



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