Wednesday, November 4, 2015


In so many ways we have seen this statement as truth as we have moved to many places and experienced many different churches. The same epidemic seems to be invading the hearts of believers that makes them think that if they check the box that,"they went to church Sunday morning" makes them a good person. All to often people are content with just showing up to hear a good message Sunday as they live their lives no different than the rest of the world Monday - Saturday. The hardest struggle in this walk with Him is desiring to be like Him and others looking at you thinking you think "you are better than everyone else". No I am no better than you I just believe the Word one and desire to please my Lord two. 

I am not content in just going to church... I want people to see Christ within me and in my life. I am not trying to check a box or trying to make people think I am something I am not. Trust me when I say, "there is no greater sinner than me in this world who needed a redeeming blood to cleanse me!" 

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