Saturday, March 19, 2016


As I was doing bible study this morning this verse from 2 Timothy stood out.  If you are faithless, He is faithful. Think about it.... How many  people do you know will remain faithful to you when you are faithless?

What does faithless mean?
2. not trustworthy; unreliable.
3.without trust or belief.
4.being without religious faith.
So in other words we don't trust God, we don't believe in His Word, and we find no peace in trials in Christ. Yet, though as His children, we display this behavior towards Him, He remains faithful. 
I found myself asking; why? Why remain faithful to a people who are faithless?  
We often try to label God with human characteristics, but He is not human. So He is able to do more and above what we can imagine. He is what we can not be, and He does what we can not do. 
He is faithful when we are faithless. 
He loves when we dont love. 
He is strong when we are weak. 
He is wise when we are fools. 
As much as I would love to try to understand how such a Mighty and Holy God can remain faithful to a faithless people, remain faithful to this faithless soul, I will never truly understand in my finite mind an infinite mind. 
Thank you Lord that you are Holy and Mighty and always faithful to this desperate soul. 

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