Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Testimony of a Redeemed Sinner

 This is a paper I had to write for school:

I grew up in a home where the church was not foreign to me. I even attended a private “religious” school. Though we attended church most Sundays, the sin that engulfed our home, my parents, the lack of Christ-like behavior, and lack of a relationship with Jesus, had its impact on my life.  As I grew I understood that there was a Creator, I believed in God, knew that Jesus died for sins, but had no idea that I was a sinner, and that I was the one who placed Jesus on that Cross. My life manifested the lack of understanding and I found myself in sin and drowning in the darkness of the world.

There was a point when I had left home, on my own, where the darkness was so great I saw no light, no hope, or release from the darkness of sin. I sat crying wondering how my life got to this place and even contemplated ending my life, thinking I would find relief from the pain. I cried out to God asking why! Very clearly I heard a voice. I heard an answer, "Because I am not in your life." At first, I was not sure who the "I" was and sat totally startled, but then a peace that surpasses all understanding came over me and I knew at that moment who that "I" was. I was seeking peace, hope, and light. I knew that Jesus was so clearly speaking to me. I knew I had to find a way to live for Jesus and I knew a good place to start was the church. It was in that search that I landed in a small church who shared with me about Jesus, about being a sinner, and that Jesus died to save the sinners from being lost in sin. They shared how I could be saved, and lead me in dedicating my life to Christ in professing that I am a sinner, and professing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

This was so long ago and the journey has not been easy. There have been many valleys, that the Lord Jesus used to work on me.   My eyes were finally opened to the realization of how much of a sinner I am. If there is anything good within me, it is only because of the Lord Jesus Christ. He chose to do a work within my life. Each step, each revelation, has been to bring Glory to my Lord and to have more of Him within me and less of me. I have not reached the end of completion because we all know the work is not yet complete as long I live and breath. I am still a sinner, but now I am a Redeemed Sinner that has been cleansed of all my sins and has been adopted into the family of Christ.

Solo para la gloria de Dios Angie

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