Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Living life

The hardest thing about watching your children grow into adults, marry or move forward in life is the lack of daily involvement or connection you have. In this season in our lives we (my beloved and I ) are beginning to feel the hole that occurs in our hearts when one child is missing from our lives. We never encouraged our children to join the military for many reasons. I know some would wonder why since my beloved and I were priory military. It is based on that knowledge and experience is why we did not want them to join. Did we have bad experiences, no. In all actually I loved the military and why I never went back in I HAVE NO IDEA. I guess back then the extreme sense of responsibility towards my children overrode any desire or dreams I had for my life in sense of a career. We did not want our children in that system. We brought our children up in the ministry of reconciliation ( Christ ministry), to be Warriors for the Kingdom of Christ. To guide those around them to Christ through not only words, but how they live. The military serves one purpose- it is a ministry of wrath. It is brings consequence to those around us who would dare choose to come against this nation.While the Word says to love our enemies and to do good to those who persecute you ( which is someone who goes against you) So tell me how do we walk in both ministries without giving our allegiance more to one than another? Oh there is the prime question that most "American" Christian can not answer. The military requires your allegiance to them, to their mission, and to your job. (It becomes the God in YOUR LIFE and your heart) It is such a delicate balance. One in which if you are not grounded. If you are not seeking Christ each day, you will get completely into it. Completely unaware that you are there or that your allegiance has shifted. Military does provide you a sense of purpose, gives you direction, knowledge in a field, and also opportunities out of the military to work in different aspects of a career. It doesn't come without its pro's but at what cost? At the cost of your walk with Christ? How do we balance all of this within us? For those of you who are tempted to comment please think carefully. These are my inner most feelings about all of the changes occurring in my life.(hence this is my opinion based on scripture and my experience) Our walk with Christ is to be most important to us. There are some very close to us who think we are ridiculous and honestly even go as far as to say we "take this to seriously" ( our Christian walk) or even go as far to say " we are "too radical" for Christ"! My words to you who think those thoughts: Christ was so radical about his love for you he spread his arms wide and was nailed to a cross for his love for you. So tell me what is really too radical for Christ. Nothing we do, nothing I do in this life will compare to the sacrifice that was made for me. My concern is not how successful my children are in this life time,how big their houses are or what kind of job they get, but how they love the Lord their God with all their heart soul and mind so that one day when they stand before the mighty King who will call their name from the Lamb's book of life. Also, I may see their faces for all eternity as we stand before the Lord in worship. Solo para la gloria de Dios Angie

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