Thursday, June 2, 2016

Feminine beautiful Classy Women

What is it suppose to look like to be a feminine,beautiful, classy women in today's society? Today women do not leave anything for a man's imagination. They do not understand how precious of a jewel they are and that men are to work to win their heart and earn seeing any assets they have to offer. Oh how I wish someone would have taught me that I was worth more than comments like, " hey baby what's your name" as they eyed me up and down! I was worth more any fleeting attention a male would want to give me that didn't value me as a person or even as a woman but viewed me as an object. Ladies, you are worth so much more, present yourself in that worthy manner. Realize who you are and make any male work for your attention and affection. Take heed from this older woman- It will save you heartache.

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