Friday, July 22, 2016

Love your enemies

This passage is so hard to digest, so hard for people to understand whetherless manifest it in their lives. These words are not just any words but words that come directly from the mouth of Jesus. He lived this example for us when He carried His cross and died. Not once did He get angry, not once did he try to stop what was being done even though at any second He could have. Instead He endured to the end and in His last words He asked the Lord to forgive the soldiers for what they were doing. He not only showed us how to love our enemies but He showed us how to pray for them too.

On the contrast society endorses hate. Constantly trying to keep people divided based on pigment color or even ethnicity, but that divide breeds so much anger, hatred which is the very opposite of what this scriptures says we are to manifest. Can't you see there is an enemy at work? His desire is to destroy lives, marriages, friendships, relationships- wanting to see a Son stand against the teaching of his father and mother, a daughter stand against anything that is pure and righteous. The battle is on!

We all must decided where we will stand,whether it be on the side of the Word of God or on the side of the enemy.

Just remember that in the end we will all stand before the throne of God!

My hope is that we will walk to see the glory of our Lord together. Singing praises to Him because this life is not the end just the beginning!

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