Thursday, July 21, 2016

No fear

In today's society people freely give their hearts, declaring love for someone who has not earned that love. In that " love" they live in constant fear of losing that person. Then when it is time to let go, they struggle with two fist closed to release what was not meant to be because they "were in love".

This scripture of course talks of God's perfect love for His children. Love comes from God. If we dwell in God's love then that love dwells in us and we must first be called by God to His love then in that love, we can love one another. We can not possibly love anyone properly without the love of God. (Whether it be a friend, lover Or even ourselves. )

1 John 4:16 - God is love...

if you fear " in love" then you must ask yourself is it really love?

Remember that anyone you give your heart to, would want to comfort and reassure your heart in the truth of their heart... if this is not happening then let them go!

Because Perfect Love castout fear!!!

Praise God for the never ending perfect love of God that He gave me through His Only Begotten Son. Praise Him also that my beloved husband manifest that perfect love for me, in his constant reminders of His Love for His Savior and loving me as Christ did His Bride! Not in perfection but in dedication, for we all fall short of the glory of God.

Seek you first God's love who is perfect! Allow that guide your heart to the love that you should have for others and the love they should have for you.

This post is dedicated to a sweet Young lady- she knows who she is- May you sees God's love.

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