Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Casting your cares

Often times it is hard for people to admit their struggles. Pride keeps them from reaching out even to God when the trials of life set in. Whether it be because of pride,embarrassment or even shame.

We find ourselves in a place alone wondering how to find the light. We are alone because that is where we are weak, we are alone because admitting to our struggle, or trial would mean letting down a guard to let someone in. Including God!

What we are afraid of is that it won't matter. He won't care. God cares about your hurt, trial or pain, but first we must recognize the source or cause of the pain.

Is it something we did?
Consequences of our choices is the hardest trial to deal with. Or even trials from someone else's choices. Either way those trials are before us to bring us to a state of humility, to bring us closer to the Lord and to the body of Christ if necessary.

Don't run from reality, not face the truth and not come before the throne asking God to move. Running does nothing but prolong the trial.

Take the time today to admit how much you need God to direct your life, and submit to Him! Allow Him to move, heal and strengthen you today! It starts with one step!


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