Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Happy is the man

As followers of "The Way" ,( did you know that is what Christians were called in the bible? Act 19:23), we find peace from the Word of God.

Do you run into people or do you have people in your life that are critical of everyone? Every word that proceeds from their month are words of wickedness, they give poor advice ,( though it may sound good it is worldly, ungodly and promotes self or money), they mock others either discretely or straight out,or they look down on others to make themselves feel better.

Remember dear one, that we are to delight in the instructions of the Lord. As we seek His Word, He will bring peace to our souls, as we seek His Word He will give direction to our path and in the end we will glorify Him in our words and in our actions.

Don't seek advice from someone whose heart is not sold out for the Lord.( going to church on Sunday is not someone who is sold out for Christ) Their advice is not worth any value. In the end you will not have peace because you are trying to be someone that God did not intend you to be. In the end you will find yourself in a dark place alone wondering how you got there. They will lead you astray.

Take heed dear one, open your heart up to the words of those who love the Lord and walk away from the temptation/the voice of those who will lead you straight to the pit of darkness.

May this Word be an encouragement to you as we walk this life together!


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