Monday, August 15, 2016

He existed before anything else

In spite of what you may have learned in public school, our world did not just appear in some explosive episode. It is even amazing to me that scientist even believe that something came from chaos. ( explosion) Anyway- our world did not just appear but was created by the God of all. It is hard to image that He has always been. Do you ever wonder what holds the oceans back from covering the lands? Why the moon doesn't fall from the sky into the earth? How the birds can fly?

All these things are still in the hands of God. He continues to cause the sun to rise and causes the sun to sit in the sky and then causes it to set. He keeps the world from utter chaos. The order of nature and the beauty it all still sits in the palm of His hands. Our life is just a small speck in all of that! If He is able to handle the order of the world you can trust Him with the order direction and guidance of your own life!

May these words be a reminder that our God is truly an awesome God and He cares about you and hold things in His hands. Let us trust Him today that though we can not see what it is He will do in our lives that He has our lives in the palm of his hands!


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