Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Put away to put on

Forgiving one another whether it be in the church or personal relationships,this is not easy. Why? Because you would have to put aside your thoughts/ feelings or even offenses on a matter, die to yourself and not be vindicated or even justified! What justice NOT served! Yep justice not served. Loving as Christ did means being willing to take the spear to the side or even to the heart and love regardless. No not easy but this verse is not a suggestion. This is what has to happen if you call yourself a Christian, or a follower of Jesus Christ. So saints of God who believe that certain steps must occur for me to forgive or love. You are wrong - nothing has to happen for you to stand in forgiveness if you are truly a loverof Jesus,stand in His strength and love as He did - with arms wide open!

Put away bitterness and put on the heart of Christ!

Just as I am,

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