Friday, August 26, 2016

The Lord is faithful

In this message from 2 Thessalonians Paul is addressing his brothers and sisters in Christ. Here he asks them to pray not for him, but for the spreading of the Gospel message. At this point Paul and his companions had seen a lot and experienced a lot. Persecution was alive and thriving, evil men surrounded the proclaiming of the Gospel. The enemy has no desire to see anyone come to the saving knowledge of Christ. He desires to see man perish, but yet through the adversity, Christ covers all, and brings all to Him who heed his calling.

Did you know that you are called to proclaim the name of Christ to all? Did you know that you are also to share the gospel message to the lost world around you?

Challenge: As you go about your work, your day, I challenge you to seek an opportunity to share about the hope that lies within you. Don't share your story because that does nothing to save a soul, but share His story, His love and His sacrifice, because our story is nothing compared to His.

Let us all stand in Faith,


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