Sunday, August 14, 2016

Whatever you do....

Whatever you do.... Sometimes statements in the Bible can be excused away with circumstances and situations that we feel are valid. This scripture says whatever you do, do it enthusiastically. What? Really? What if I hate my job?

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically!

What if my life isn't what I thought it should be?

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically!

Whatever your mind can come up with; the answer is the same: whatever you do, do it enthusiastically!

What you don't realize is by living this verse in your life, the reward that comes with it is the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Your outlook on your situation, your purpose for rising up and living should be centered around your belief in Jesus. You must focus on what really matters. Glorifying the Lord in heaven in all you say and do. If it becomes about pleasing a spouse, loved one, someone significant, or even your bosses, trust me it will be to no avail. It will never be good enough.

Seek to please God first!

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