Thursday, September 29, 2016

I will answer you…

Life has been so overwhelming lately, time seems to slip away, and I  don't feel like I have enough time in my day to accomplish all that I need to accomplish. I have neglected my time with the Lord. In a prayer meeting yesterday a peace washed over me, I felt the stress I was carrying with me melt away and the Holy Spirit impressed on me so clearly that though I may not have enough time to successfully accomplish all the things I need to in each day, one thing is for certain is HOW much I need my time in the Word. I need that time to help keep my  mind focused on the things above, and remind me that the things of this world, the pressures, expectations, deadlines, and requirements are nothing. They mean absolutely nothing in light of eternity and my walk with Christ is what is most important… so let us refocus on the things that matter-The Word of God and our time with Him.

"Thus says the Lord, who made the earth, the Lord who formed it, to establish it—the Lord is his name: Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

As we face trials of life, and seek answers we often forget to turn to the One who has formed the earth and established it. We forget that the One who created us would have all the answers we seek. He directs us to heal, and directs us with His truth because He knows us better than we know ourselves!!

Seek you first the Kingdom of heaven dear ones, because this world does nothing for you. It will lead you to destruction, it will leave you feeling hopeless and very heavy laden with the weight of the trials.

We have a light, an unexplainable light, that gives us hope, that makes our burdens light and shows us the truth of this world, reveals the work of the enemy in our lives, and brings clear perspective to the darkness.

Call to Him and HE WILL ANSWER YOU.

Thank you for journeying with me…


Friday, September 16, 2016


Are there moments or times when you know you need to pray, you feel a need to pray and you just don't know what to say? I find myself in that place more often than I want.

" In our weakness we have the help of the Spirit. Jesus is our intercessor in heaven ( Heb 7:25 ), and the Spirit is our intercessor on earth within our hearts. We are limited and ignorant, but the Spirit uses unspoken groanings to communicate our needs. This is not “speaking in tongues or languages” (Gk glossolalia). It is instead wordless. Our heavenly Father knows what is happening in our lives and within the deep recesses of our personalities ( 1Sm 16:7 ; Pr 15:11 ; Jr 17:10 ). " Holman Study Bible Notes

Be reassured when you are at a loss for words, the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf.

Thank you for journeying with me,


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Christ suffered for our sin

Did you know that Christ suffered on the cross for everyone? Yes, everyone. Even those who do not believe, even those who reject him, even those who state He was not the Messiah. Yes, he suffered for all. What an amazing thought, isn't it? Those who do not know Christ have no idea of the great gift He has given by His sacrifice.

Lets us all be great examples of that great sacrifice and good stewards of the Gospel of Christ.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

For I am not ashamed

In today's world where standing for the Word of God is frowned upon. How do we stand against the hatred people feel towards Believers of Christ and His Word. We have a choice to make to stand on the Word and or bow our heads in shame.

Why would one be ashamed? Well, because standing means turning from sin and every appearance of evil. Things you might have done, ways you use to talk or even people you use to hang out with must be examined in the light of this Gospel. In the end there are those who would much rather not share or rather not change for fear of rejection by their friends or family.

Challenge: dear one stand on the Word, not with fear. Be strong and courageous, knowing that God gives us strength to stand on the Gospel of Christ that brings salvation to all who believe.

Thank you for journeying with me,

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

God is my salvation

People spend their life trying to be good. They are good people, living good lives, being giving and kind to everyone. One fact is certain, there is nothing we can do that will save us. Only Christ through his death and resurrection, saves those who are lost. Though you live a good life, have good morals, with a good heart, you are still lost to sin in death without the blood of Jesus to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

God is our strength in any trial, so stand strong dear Saint, and know that though the burden may seem heavy, and trial too great to face, the hope we have gone beyond what we see, and the strength we have is one who created the heavens and the earth.

Thank you for walking with me,

Angie Sellers

Friday, September 9, 2016

Show brotherly love

This scripture is one of many that tells Believers how we should be with one another. How we should act and love each other. The unfortunate thing is most churches do not manifest this kind of love. If you attend a church for a length of time, try not going for a few weeks, most people won't notice, if they notice they won't call or come by to see if you are ill or if something is wrong. There are exceptions to everything and If the opposite happens, rejoice because you have a church that is manifesting the love that Christ commands to all of us. We are to love one another, be concerned about each other and manifest in actions, not just in words a fellowship of family.

Challenge: if you are a regular part of a church, is there someone that comes to, mind you have not seen at church? I challenge you to text, call or email them, see how they are. Show the love of Christ to someone who did need it right now.

Thank you for walking with me,


I have blogged about this matter before. Manifesting forgiveness in your life and your walk with Christ is truly having the heart like Christ. Too often though we forgive with stipulations, or forgive with "buts". In this sermon preached by Voddie, he speaks on true forgiveness and what it should look like as a believer in Christ... how we should manifest that forgiveness.

He makes such a valid point at one point of how when we display unforgiveness that we are basically telling God; I know you sent your son to die for me and this person, but it isn't good enough. They must do.... for my forgiveness... Die again on the Cross Jesus!! This pierced my heart... and truly spoke deeply to my soul and I am hoping it will speak to you as well.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.
Thank you for walking with me,

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We are rescued

Sometimes in life it is hard to feel like evil is not winning in our lives. We find ourselves struggling and discouraged by others, by circumstances, by life in general. It can get so overwhelming to think positive, to be positive and feel the love that we are suppose to feel from our Lord to count it all joy.  

Believers are suppose to feel so confident in God's love that nothing is to affect them. (at least that is the false perception placed on Believers) The reality is life affects us, hurts us, discourages us, and makes us realize our need for the Love of God to overwhelm us so deeply!  He protects his Godly one- and He even protects us from ourselves. 

Challenge: are you feeling discouraged?  Do you feel as if evil wins in your life? Remember that God protects His Godly ones.. be encouraged in knowing that the Lord loves you, and protects you, but also places you in places to strengthen you toward Him and change you. 

Thank you for walking with me, 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

God's everlasting love

Could you imagine if we could understand the everlasting love of God? You have to wonder if we could really understand it, would there be People who turn away from Him? Or would there be emotional issues? Or would there be self esteem problems?

The reason we struggle with loving is because we do not love like God. Our love has conditions, we do not love freely. We do not love forgives, we do not love unconditionally, and we do not love relentlessly. Our love is tainted by what we gain not what we give. So we will never be able to understand the everlasting love of God. But it is comforting to know that His love is not based on me, or what I do or don't do, or what I give or don't give.

Challenge: the closest example we have to God's everlasting love is the love of a parent. A parent will do anything for their child. If you have a parent, please thank them for their love, what they have done to make you who you are. It is a blessing and gives a small glimpse of God's everlasting love for you.

Thank you for walking with me,

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Living in peace

The Word tells us that we are to " pursue peace with everyone". " Loving discipline is evidence of the Father’s grace, and His children should hold on to grace. Christians should move toward peace and holiness, and they should warn one another against falling short of God’s grace or allowing a root of bitterness to spring up within them." - from Holman Study Bible Commentary. What we find hard is living in that peace in a world that feeds off of chaos, violence and bitterness. We tend to find ourselves in this place where peace seems in possible but the truth is the only way we can manifest this peace in our lives is through the Holy Spirit. Peace is a gift given to us by the presence of the Lord. Without Him it is impossible to manifest this peace in our lives. It is evident when we look around us how much people need the presence and peace of God.

Challenge: dear one- as you seek to manifest this scripture in your life remember that this can not be done with out the presence of the Holy Spirit. As you seek to live in peace with others remember that it is for the Glory of God.

Thank you for walking with me.



This is going to be a random blog where I am sharing, so look out it might be boring 😜. I started working on Tuesday for the first time in more than 12 years. I have had the privilege for the last 12 years to stay home. I am not just working to work though. It is certainly not about the money. God has a purpose. I am not quite sure what the end result will be but we will see.

The most amazing thing about where I work, is how I can speak openly and freely about my faith, Jesus, and the bible. I get to help guide people in their walk, marriage, and relationships with products that will be life changing. I get to show people products that will grow them, encourage them and help them learn more about this loving Savior. ( Jesus).

Though this adventure is exciting I am nervous, unsure if I am doing the right thing, and wondering what it is God has for me in this place. Whatever it is may be may He be glorified.

In the meantime, I will obey and allow Him to lead, try to manage my home, homeschooling Noah and Ellie, my classes at Liberty and work. The end goal? To see my Beloved Samuel in front of a body of Christ, shepherding and ministering the Word of God to a congregation God so graciously allowed him to lead.

So my dear friends would you walk with me? Pray for me?

Thank you for living life with me.



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