Thursday, September 8, 2016

We are rescued

Sometimes in life it is hard to feel like evil is not winning in our lives. We find ourselves struggling and discouraged by others, by circumstances, by life in general. It can get so overwhelming to think positive, to be positive and feel the love that we are suppose to feel from our Lord to count it all joy.  

Believers are suppose to feel so confident in God's love that nothing is to affect them. (at least that is the false perception placed on Believers) The reality is life affects us, hurts us, discourages us, and makes us realize our need for the Love of God to overwhelm us so deeply!  He protects his Godly one- and He even protects us from ourselves. 

Challenge: are you feeling discouraged?  Do you feel as if evil wins in your life? Remember that God protects His Godly ones.. be encouraged in knowing that the Lord loves you, and protects you, but also places you in places to strengthen you toward Him and change you. 

Thank you for walking with me, 

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