Friday, September 16, 2016


Are there moments or times when you know you need to pray, you feel a need to pray and you just don't know what to say? I find myself in that place more often than I want.

" In our weakness we have the help of the Spirit. Jesus is our intercessor in heaven ( Heb 7:25 ), and the Spirit is our intercessor on earth within our hearts. We are limited and ignorant, but the Spirit uses unspoken groanings to communicate our needs. This is not “speaking in tongues or languages” (Gk glossolalia). It is instead wordless. Our heavenly Father knows what is happening in our lives and within the deep recesses of our personalities ( 1Sm 16:7 ; Pr 15:11 ; Jr 17:10 ). " Holman Study Bible Notes

Be reassured when you are at a loss for words, the Holy Spirit intercedes on your behalf.

Thank you for journeying with me,


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