Friday, September 9, 2016

Show brotherly love

This scripture is one of many that tells Believers how we should be with one another. How we should act and love each other. The unfortunate thing is most churches do not manifest this kind of love. If you attend a church for a length of time, try not going for a few weeks, most people won't notice, if they notice they won't call or come by to see if you are ill or if something is wrong. There are exceptions to everything and If the opposite happens, rejoice because you have a church that is manifesting the love that Christ commands to all of us. We are to love one another, be concerned about each other and manifest in actions, not just in words a fellowship of family.

Challenge: if you are a regular part of a church, is there someone that comes to, mind you have not seen at church? I challenge you to text, call or email them, see how they are. Show the love of Christ to someone who did need it right now.

Thank you for walking with me,

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