Thursday, September 1, 2016


This is going to be a random blog where I am sharing, so look out it might be boring 😜. I started working on Tuesday for the first time in more than 12 years. I have had the privilege for the last 12 years to stay home. I am not just working to work though. It is certainly not about the money. God has a purpose. I am not quite sure what the end result will be but we will see.

The most amazing thing about where I work, is how I can speak openly and freely about my faith, Jesus, and the bible. I get to help guide people in their walk, marriage, and relationships with products that will be life changing. I get to show people products that will grow them, encourage them and help them learn more about this loving Savior. ( Jesus).

Though this adventure is exciting I am nervous, unsure if I am doing the right thing, and wondering what it is God has for me in this place. Whatever it is may be may He be glorified.

In the meantime, I will obey and allow Him to lead, try to manage my home, homeschooling Noah and Ellie, my classes at Liberty and work. The end goal? To see my Beloved Samuel in front of a body of Christ, shepherding and ministering the Word of God to a congregation God so graciously allowed him to lead.

So my dear friends would you walk with me? Pray for me?

Thank you for living life with me.


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