Friday, September 15, 2017

If you don’t know the background of this story- you should take the time to read it. Paraphrased the Pharisees again sought to catch Jesus. This time by bringing a woman who was committing adultery. In there culture that was punishable by stoning. They kept accusing her before Jesus, asking what should they do with her and to her. This is His response to their questions. HE who has no sin. That’s right those who are sinless, those who have never done anything wrong in their lives, they can throw the first stone. How does this relate to us? NO we do not stone people for adultery or even sin. But the principle remains - anyone WITHOUT any sin in their lives has the right to say things, and has the right to stand judgement. The truth be told NONE are clear, not one person can stand and past judgement or stones at anyone NO matter the sin. If you feel righteous, or you feel some kind of indignation stating it is coming from Christ. You are wrong. It is your pride. Christ laid his life on the Cross for sin and for sinners. He loved the unlovable. He did not turn his back on you or me, so tell me ,dear one, how can you righteously turn your back on someone you deemed has sinned. (Notice I said “ you deemed”) Let me give you warning Grace and forgiveness is something that has been given freely to us through Christ Jesus. BE very careful when you decided not to show grace and forgiveness to others. Remember these gifts are not ours to hold back! #dailyscriptureandthoughts #instablog

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Dear Ones, it has been a while. Time sure flies and there never seems to be enough time in a day to do all the things you desire to do. Looks like I might have a bit more time on my hands this summer. So here I am.. Sharing the message of God with you... We are in 1 John chapter 3- John was encouraging his believing brothers and sisters in this verse that we are to manifest love for each other as brothers and sisters, most of all as children of God. I hate to use the example of earthly brothers and sisters because there are many blood related brothers and sisters who hate each other and do not show love to each other at all. So lets just say as children of God, we are to love each other. Too often in churches what we see is people who declare their love for you, but when you need them, they are NO WHERE to be found. Truly loving someone is not loving them just in words, but when it matters most. Through my life this has been a great experience.. People "say we really love you" but their actions speak otherwise. Isn't it sad.. That we use this word "love" so flippantly. Loving someone isn't a feeling you feel, love is an action. IT is something you do. To truly love someone is to show you care when it isn't convenient! Let us love each other as the Word encourages us to. Thank you for journeying with me. -Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dear Ones, Yesterday in my reading these scriptures stood out to me. I started thinking about Joseph's willingness to take on this great responsibility. His obedience, without complete understanding. Imagine the confusion he felt when he found out the woman he was betrothed to was pregnant. Betrayal, hurt, maybe even anger had to consume him, but even in that he desired no harm to come to her. (Let's remember the cultural background- she would have been killed for betraying her covenant with her future husband) He was going to quietly "divorce her" and just leave it and that, but an angel of the Lord came to him and told him what Mary probably was trying to explain all along. He told him to marry her, and to name the baby Jesus (because it was the husband that named the baby) I wonder in all this how Mary felt. She was betrothed to this man, so she didn't actually pick him, her father did. So she probably didn't love him. I wonder after watching his willingness, his obedience to God, his consideration, and thoughtfulness because he waited till she wasn't pregnant to be intimate with her that her heart grew and her love for him was sparked. What amazing thing to see the willingness and obedience of Jesus earthly parents. Just some thoughts and things to make you think more of how truly wonderful God's plan is. Thank you for journeying with me. - Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dear Ones- I first want to apologize for all the typos in my last post. I tried a new program that did not work real well. (And I did not read over my work) Please forgive me... Ok We have finally reached the end of Chapter 2- Paul is still trying to make his point in these last verses to the Jewish people. "Circumcision was a sign and seal of a covenant that God made with Israel (Ex 12:44-49) The rite went back to Abraham and the covenant God made with him (Gn 17:9-14). Circumcision became a badge of Jewish identity and, it was thought, a guarantee of salvation. Some later rabbis even taught that Abraham sat at the entrance to Gehenna (“hell”) and would not permit any uncircumcised Jew to enter there. By implication, the way you lived made no difference." (taken from the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible) Let us reflect on how we are no different in our hearts than Jewish people. We walk around declaring our salvation in Christ, but yet our actions speak differently. We are impatient with the waitress or waiter, we curse the driver that cuts us off, we do not love our neighbors, and we show no kindness, grace or mercy to those who we do not know or care about. These are not a reflection of one who is following after Christ. Dear Ones, we have a responsibility to walk in the ways of Christ. We are expected to live out in action the Word of God to those who are lost, hurting and need to see the light in this world of darkness. Let us live in this calling. Let us glorify God in word and deed. Thank you for journeying with me- Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear Ones As we continue on in our study of Romans we see here that Paul again addresses the Jewish people. Here he reminds them that they are to boast in God. As Christians, followers of Christ, what do we boast in? Ourselves, our own righteousness? When we desire the things of God, and God's will, it is no easy task. " In these verses Paul engages in "if" clauses spelling out the benefits and privileges that the Jews possess through the Covenant. Each of these items is a cause for pride on the part of the Jewish people." (Excerpt from Encountering the book of Romans) In so many ways we see the same dilemma in our Christian churches. Those who believe that they are the "chosen generation", above everyone else, or even above every other church. Calling themselves the Remnant. Dear Ones, God calls all to repent and follow after Him. No one can understand or know the heart of another, yet in high mindedness, and pride we look down on one another because we are not of the same church, same denomination, or same culture. If you call yourself a Christian, then you are no longer black, white, or any other culture, Or you are not of Pentecost, or you are not of Baptist but you are of Christ. When you put on the mind of Christ and remember from whom we receive our salvation, and we love as He loved, all the Worldly things will not matter.. If you are a light in the darkness, then remember that light comes from Christ. Let us live in the truth of the Gospel of Christ and walk in it. Thank you for journeying with me. - Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dear Ones Everything the Jews did was based on the law of God. They truly lived in the law, and believed in the law. Especially those who lived righteously for God. Here Paul is reminding them that though some do not live by the law, they will die and those who live by the law will be judged by the law. Those who live by the law and it manifest in their lives (doers) will be declared righteous. What does this mean? Well, in my simple mind, I will try to explain it. 'Paul's claims that God would impartially judge."(remember verse 11 says there is no favoritism.) But the Jews who were God's chosen people believed that they were above everyone else. They didn't believe that God would treat them as the heathen or the Gentiles. "All who have sinned apart from The law (the law given to the people by Moses also know as the Torah) and those sinned under the law, Paul alleges the results for each group is the same, they will perish. Paul is asserting the equality between Jew and Gentile before God in the judgement. Jews will be condemned even though they have the Torah because God justifies doers of the law, not only who just hear it." (Exert from Encountering the book of Romans)Dear Ones, though we have been set free of the law with the blood sacrificial atonement of animals, we are not free of obeying the Word of God. God does expect his "chosen people" those who call upon the name of Jesus to be doers of the Word and not just hearers. We will be judged one day for the new life we are to be living in Him. Study your Word, know what God desires for you and from you. Thank you for journeying with me. -Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Have you ever run into a Christian who seemed absolutely miserable? Every comment they make is negative, and they seem like the joy of the Lord has left. Life is overwhelming and this world in many ways has nothing to offer but pain, misery and sin.  Dear Ones, let me encourage you and remind you that all creation sings praises to our Lord. When we rejoice in Him through our trials, He is faithful to renew our strength. When we give Him thanksgiving in all circumstances, He is faithful to give us His grace in those circumstances.  Rejoice in The Lord, dear Ones, knowing that He is the giver of peace! Allow God to move in you and through you and do not allow your circumstances to keep you from being joyful. Let me challenge you to reflect on things above. Make a list of blessings.. And praise God for those things. Thank you Lord for another day to share your Word of Truth. Thank you for journeying with me- Angie

Saturday, January 7, 2017

To live for Christ

As a Believer living for Christ directed by His Word is how we are suppose to live. When you examine your life, can you say that you live and breathe for Christ? If we all honestly examine our lives, we try to throw Christ in every once in a while, maybe just once a week, on Sunday. Dear saints the greatest gift given to us is Christ. Our hearts should be completely dedicated to Christ and our lives should reflect that dedication. Lord, forgive me when my life does not reflect this verse. When my life becomes more about me, than glorifying your Holy Name. Give me strength to live for you. 

Thank you for journeying with me - Angie

Friday, January 6, 2017

Casting your cares

Casting your cares. What does that mean? I envision someone taking a rock and throwing it into this enormous lake, never to be seen again. Taking our cares and casting it into the sea of Our Lord, who always cares. The unfortunate part is we think someone cares when they do what we want or what we ask. Not so, the God who cares has heard all you ask of Him in prayer, but remember He knows the future and He knows what is best for you. He is working for your good, so that you may bring Him glory in your life.  
Remember that if "we trust the Lord for our soul, then we can trust Him to care for us in all situations." (Paraphrased from morning and evening by Charles Spurgeon) 

Thank you for journeying with me. -Angie

Thursday, January 5, 2017


As we begin a new year, most start with "new year's resolutions" or promises to be more fit physically, or to change something in their lives.  The last thing thought of is our relationship with Jesus Christ. How many resolve to be closer to Him? How many resolve to read more of the Bible? Or to seek in prayer God's face more? No those aren't the resolutions we seek to make. Today in our scriptures it says DEVOTE Yourself... what does that mean? According to the dictionary devote means: to give up or appropriate to or concentrate on a particular pursuit, occupation, purpose, cause, etc.

To appropriate by or as if by a vow; set apart or dedicate by a solemn or formal act; consecrate.

Dear Saints, let us Devote ourselves this year to be a praying people. To seek Christ with all our hearts with all our souls and with all our minds. 

May 2017 be a year where we journey through scripture together, praying, learning, and growing. Thank you for journeying with me- Angie

The Lord regretted

I couldn't imagine the disappointment, The hurt or even the anger the LORD felt towards the human race. At this point the Savior has not come, man has no Holy Spirit, man is making sacrifices for the atonement of sin, communion with God is not within, but external. Man is left to his own understanding and the heart is wicked. The Lord regretted that He made human beings. He regretted it so much that He made plans to wipe the earth except for one man and his family. Noah stood out to God. Mocked by man, Noah remained faithful to His God in spite of what was happening in His society. He lived out God's commands, finding favor with God.  God decided to protect Him. 

Today in a land where it doesn't seem much is different when it comes to sin and lack of righteousness, are you, dear Christian, standing up and standing out for righteousness sake? Are you seeking the favor of God over the acceptance of man? Rest assured God is watching and knows your heart. In Christendom today we cannot tell the Believer apart from the non believer. Why? Because they act alike. They manifest  the same heart, but one lives believing He is set free and lives according to the ways of the world. Dear one this should not be. If God was to wipe the world of all humans again (which I know He won't because He made a promise) would you be His Noah? Would He find favor with you and save you? Or would you drown with the rest? 

Dear Saints seek to find favor with God, not man. Seek to glorify Him in words and deeds. Stay strong. Thank you for journeying with me- Angie

The Light of The World

The light without it we would not have life. A gift given to us that we just take advantage of. When the night comes, we just close our eyes, knowing in the morning the sun will bring light. We never give it a thought. We have been given another of light. The greatest gift of light,The Light of this World- Jesus Christ. If it was not for Him we could not see our darkness. His Light cleanses us, and brings light to the shadows of our hearts. Dear Saints if it was not for the Light of the World we would have no hope, we would remain in the darkness of our sin. Praise Jesus today for the sun that lights the sky, but Praise Him mostly for His Light that lights our souls and heart! Thank you for journeying with me- Angie


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