Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Lord regretted

I couldn't imagine the disappointment, The hurt or even the anger the LORD felt towards the human race. At this point the Savior has not come, man has no Holy Spirit, man is making sacrifices for the atonement of sin, communion with God is not within, but external. Man is left to his own understanding and the heart is wicked. The Lord regretted that He made human beings. He regretted it so much that He made plans to wipe the earth except for one man and his family. Noah stood out to God. Mocked by man, Noah remained faithful to His God in spite of what was happening in His society. He lived out God's commands, finding favor with God.  God decided to protect Him. 

Today in a land where it doesn't seem much is different when it comes to sin and lack of righteousness, are you, dear Christian, standing up and standing out for righteousness sake? Are you seeking the favor of God over the acceptance of man? Rest assured God is watching and knows your heart. In Christendom today we cannot tell the Believer apart from the non believer. Why? Because they act alike. They manifest  the same heart, but one lives believing He is set free and lives according to the ways of the world. Dear one this should not be. If God was to wipe the world of all humans again (which I know He won't because He made a promise) would you be His Noah? Would He find favor with you and save you? Or would you drown with the rest? 

Dear Saints seek to find favor with God, not man. Seek to glorify Him in words and deeds. Stay strong. Thank you for journeying with me- Angie

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