Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear Ones As we continue on in our study of Romans we see here that Paul again addresses the Jewish people. Here he reminds them that they are to boast in God. As Christians, followers of Christ, what do we boast in? Ourselves, our own righteousness? When we desire the things of God, and God's will, it is no easy task. " In these verses Paul engages in "if" clauses spelling out the benefits and privileges that the Jews possess through the Covenant. Each of these items is a cause for pride on the part of the Jewish people." (Excerpt from Encountering the book of Romans) In so many ways we see the same dilemma in our Christian churches. Those who believe that they are the "chosen generation", above everyone else, or even above every other church. Calling themselves the Remnant. Dear Ones, God calls all to repent and follow after Him. No one can understand or know the heart of another, yet in high mindedness, and pride we look down on one another because we are not of the same church, same denomination, or same culture. If you call yourself a Christian, then you are no longer black, white, or any other culture, Or you are not of Pentecost, or you are not of Baptist but you are of Christ. When you put on the mind of Christ and remember from whom we receive our salvation, and we love as He loved, all the Worldly things will not matter.. If you are a light in the darkness, then remember that light comes from Christ. Let us live in the truth of the Gospel of Christ and walk in it. Thank you for journeying with me. - Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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