Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dear Ones, Yesterday in my reading these scriptures stood out to me. I started thinking about Joseph's willingness to take on this great responsibility. His obedience, without complete understanding. Imagine the confusion he felt when he found out the woman he was betrothed to was pregnant. Betrayal, hurt, maybe even anger had to consume him, but even in that he desired no harm to come to her. (Let's remember the cultural background- she would have been killed for betraying her covenant with her future husband) He was going to quietly "divorce her" and just leave it and that, but an angel of the Lord came to him and told him what Mary probably was trying to explain all along. He told him to marry her, and to name the baby Jesus (because it was the husband that named the baby) I wonder in all this how Mary felt. She was betrothed to this man, so she didn't actually pick him, her father did. So she probably didn't love him. I wonder after watching his willingness, his obedience to God, his consideration, and thoughtfulness because he waited till she wasn't pregnant to be intimate with her that her heart grew and her love for him was sparked. What amazing thing to see the willingness and obedience of Jesus earthly parents. Just some thoughts and things to make you think more of how truly wonderful God's plan is. Thank you for journeying with me. - Angie #dailyscriptureandthoughts

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