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Monday, January 22, 2018

Test me.Lord

Dear Ones we begin a new week. In this Psalm David is asking God to test Him, to examine his life and his heart and mind. In requesting this God can reveal to us the things in our lives that need to be changed. Areas of sin that we need to repent of or areas in which we refuse to obey Him in. Let this be your prayer this week. Ask Him to search you and in turn cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Thank you for journeying with me... #dailyscriptureandthoughts

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Grieving The Holy Spirit

Don't grieve the Holy Spirit. In the verses before this verse Paul list things that people who are redeemed should and shouldn't do. They should speak truth in love, in other words be honest. Be angry, there is nothing wrong with being angry but don't allow it to cause you to sin. A thief must no longer steal and NO Foul language must come from your mouth. Yes scripture says this. It is sad because in society today using foul and vulgar language is commonplace. People use it in regular conversation with no regard to the offense it causes to the people around them and most importantly the offense it causes the Holy Spirit. We have been given a gift. "God within" us, who guides us to truth, opens our eyes to our sinful nature and reveals to us God's amazing Grace. Let us bring glory to His name in Words and Deeds. Help us all Lord especially me the greatest of sinners. Thank you for journeying with me. #dailyscriptureandthoughts

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Serving in our full capacity

Dear Ones Today's message reminds us that we each have gifts given to us by The Holy Spirit to be used to edify the body. Without each person in the body to use those gifts it would be like a person missing a finger, hand, or a leg. Each person brings to the body a gift necessary for the furthering of the kingdom. Do you know what your gifts are? If not seek out what they are so you may serve in your full capacity!  Thank you for journeying with me. #dailyscriptureandthoughts 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • When we examine the body of Christ. You find the exact opposite of this verse manifesting within it. You find discord, gossip, people offending and people being offended. Some would say, oh that is what being in intimate relationship is like. I would beg to differ. The closest people to me, those I love I would never want to offend them though I know I do or have them be offended with me. I love them so I seek to keep peace and unity with them even if they irritate me or make me angry. Sometimes I air my frustration and other times I dismiss it and forgive because of my love for them. Dear Ones this Grace and love we give to those around us is the same Grace and love we are to show each other as members of the body. Yet what you find in some bodies is slander, gossip, discord and a lack of unity. People who go around sowing this kind of disunity do not understand that this is the example you are bestowing to all who know. This is the testimony of Christ you are manifesting. Is this what you want people to think of the body of Christ and in turn Jesus? I hope not! Our Redeemer has cleanse us from all unrighteousness without requiring us to jump through hoops or meet any requirements. We are to walk as forgiven people giving glory and Honor to the one who gave it all. I pray you do not forsake this message! Examine your heart and see if you seek unity and peace in all your relationships?!? Be at peace with God and man! Thank you for journeying with me. #dailyscriptureandthoughts

Friday, September 15, 2017

If you don’t know the background of this story- you should take the time to read it. Paraphrased the Pharisees again sought to catch Jesus. This time by bringing a woman who was committing adultery. In there culture that was punishable by stoning. They kept accusing her before Jesus, asking what should they do with her and to her. This is His response to their questions. HE who has no sin. That’s right those who are sinless, those who have never done anything wrong in their lives, they can throw the first stone. How does this relate to us? NO we do not stone people for adultery or even sin. But the principle remains - anyone WITHOUT any sin in their lives has the right to say things, and has the right to stand judgement. The truth be told NONE are clear, not one person can stand and past judgement or stones at anyone NO matter the sin. If you feel righteous, or you feel some kind of indignation stating it is coming from Christ. You are wrong. It is your pride. Christ laid his life on the Cross for sin and for sinners. He loved the unlovable. He did not turn his back on you or me, so tell me ,dear one, how can you righteously turn your back on someone you deemed has sinned. (Notice I said “ you deemed”) Let me give you warning Grace and forgiveness is something that has been given freely to us through Christ Jesus. BE very careful when you decided not to show grace and forgiveness to others. Remember these gifts are not ours to hold back! #dailyscriptureandthoughts #instablog

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