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Friday, June 1, 2018

All of you

Matthew 28:18-20.. This is the reality of Jesus' teaching. He gave us a mission. All those who call themselves Christians ( which means Christ followers) have a responsibility. What does this entail? Everything! Your life is not your own, your family, your home, your things are His to use for the glory of His kingdom! Do you have the true vision of Christ for His church? Or are you just part of a social club that makes you feel good every Sunday?  #dailyscriptureandthoughts 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Empty yourself

Jesus willingly submitted himself to be a slave and serve for the good and glorification of His Father in heaven. So many people live in resentment towards authorities in their lives. Never wanting anyone to "tell them what to do". But if you call yourself a "Christian" then this attitude of entitlement is not one that Christ himself carried. Christ could have had it, and honestly He was entitled! But instead He submitted to the Will of God and took on the heart  of a slave as an example for you and me. No one is entitled. Let us empty ourselves so that we can glorify Him in every area of our lives! #dailyscriptureandthoughts 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

You have a purpose

Purpose in life

Created by God

Created in His image 

Created for His Glory.  We forget our purpose in life when the trials of life close in. Remember who precious you are to our Father. Bringing glory to Him in all things. #dailyscriptureandthoughts

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Down in the Dust of Life

Without Christ what is your life? Most people seek to find purpose in this world. Meaning to life's biggest questions. We wonder from person to person and thing to thing, like the little bird in the book, are you my mother, trying to find where we came from and what is life truly all about. The answers are given if you are keen enough to hear. Without Jesus our lives mean nothing, there is no purpose, no hope and no meaning outside of ourselves. We end up finding ourselves down in the dust and wondering how we got there. Do you seek answers? Look for it in God's Word. He is waiting to give you life. #dailyscriptureandthoughts

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bearing each other’s burdens

Bearing each other's burdens takes trust, time, commitment and love for the people of Christ. Social media creates a loneliness like no other. People use it as a way to stay connected but it does not replace the real life need we have of true connections and real relationships. We need People who love you inspite of your sins and inspite of your faults and are willing to walk with you. I have few in my life - my family - thank you and my BF. Life is too short not to love it fully, glorifying Jesus with all that we are! #dailyscriptureandthoughts


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